Thursday, January 25, 2018


I had a memorable entanglement with a YouTube Troll that goes by the name of 'Zzit' or something to this effect. We will not name him directly. He is a lying, manipulative Troll who has the potential of creating unwarranted accusations and chaos and I will steer clear of mentioning him directly. I do not say "lying" and "manipulative" on a whim - this is exactly my experience with him in just one day - in just a few hours. He lied and he manipulated my own comments in an effort to put me off balance and place himself above me in a disagreement. I'm also avoiding using his real name and pseudo name directly because in 2017 I had to hire a lawyer at $400.00 per hour to deal with a couple of frauds who were attempting (and did) obtain over $200,000.00 from my dying father. These people after my father's money were very clever, their first tactic was to muddy the waters and create false impressions about myself and my siblings - it was an eye opener. I learned a crucial reality of life dealing with them - even if an accusation or character attack has ABSOLUTELY no merit, it is difficult and costly and draining to interact with negative forces, such as the people going after my father's money and just recently -- The Master Troll. Normally I would let such a simple argument go, but it was this twisting of the facts, making false accusations against The Object Report that is unacceptable and deserving of a proper response. I also just don't like the guy, I think he is simply a punk and a loud mouth fraud and he irks me for reasons that are difficult to put into words. His internet theme is Trolling and he is goddamn good at it. So I'll take a moment to do some trolling myself. Likewise, I'm not using his real name as I would also like to avoid drawing attention to his channel and giving him more hits and more attention through The Object Report. I can't win here, because simply, the more you talk and draw attention to a troll, the more power you give to them, this is the Troll Paradox. 99.999 percent of The Object Report editorials over the years have been positive, this is not a positive entry but I would like everyone to share in my anger and disgust after a confrontation with a truly obnoxious, dark internet fraud. I just wish I could do more to expose this creep, but time is limited and truly dark creeps envelope themselves in a sort of sticky darkness that possesses overwhelming gravity that sucks you in. I have to stay at the event horizon here.

Internet arguments are stupid, who cares, and I acknowledge it's a stupid endeavor. It's exhausting and futile. Why take the time to write an article about a common internet Troll? But in this case this is one of the first encounters and experiences I've had with this degree of dipshittery and it was something to behold. Also, I perceive this is the new level of disingenuous we are seeing emerge on the internet, as the high price stakes of ET-UFO Contact ramp up and the cockroaches come out of the cracks in an attempt to fill the white noise. I'm also taking a moment to write about a negative experience because this troll is, in my personal experience, the very personification of a fraud in a vast ocean of trolls waiting to be discovered out there on the world wide web. If you engage with this particular Master Troll, right off the bat he attempts to block criticism through false accusations and suggesting the "police" need to intervene to protect him. He is reactive to criticism and acts out in exaggerated fashion, not capable of defending his inexcusable, dull drivel - he resorts to fear-based, dark arts tactics. Brandishing words like the "police" and "authorities" as a sort of voodoo to ward off someone who happens along and calls him out for what he is. It's a loathsome, dark and cowardly methodology. I'm motivated to hammer out some words on my keyboard because I particularly despise cowards who make false accusations after dealing with twisted, back stabbing cowards through all of 2017 and spending a small fortune in legal fees, not to mention the emotional cost. "Zit", free speech is still valid and alive and I will repeat my original assessment of you and your website and false prophet books. You are, in my opinion, a coward punk and an exposed liar who makes knowingly false accusations when confronted, and lastly a fraud who says one thing and yet does another. In short, a Master Troll. Congrats.

I'd like to turn the tables and troll the Master Troll for a few moments here on Gplus and Blogger and let it serve as warning to anyone crossing paths with this scruffy man-child. Master Troll wanted to tag me with some of his bullshit, sucker punch me off his website and assume I'd react as most of his other victims have likely reacted. I also assume, having placed myself on his radar, he will come after me at some point in the future. Bring it. Although let it be noted, he attempted to repel me with the "police" should I ever attempt to make contact with him again, but I suspect these rules do not apply to Master Troll should he choose to start blathering on about Agent D on his Troll channel. Master Troll's YouTube Channel is solely comprised of attacks on other YouTube channels and authors and content, that 'Zzit' believes to be fake, etc. To give you an idea of his mindset and M.O., he likes to take your head shot and place feces on top of your head, a tactic designed to diminish his targets integrity visually, so he can build himself up as a sort of "my spiritual journey - chakra finding - information guru, debunking punk, or non-guru guru". How would you describe this guy? It's sort of an androgynous mishmash of furious love hate with the repeating message being "he's right and others are wrong and they should be ashamed to dare speak out on the internet". Legitimate question - what's up with the long hair and beard, Zzit? Do you think you are Jesus returned? What a phony. Master Troll with his long hair and beard and endless, expert lectures reminds me of my days in university, in the art school building. You had two distinct groups of people. 1) The 'wannabe's' who wore tattered clothes with paint drips all over, beads, long hair and did everything possible to portray themselves as an "artist". In group 2) you had the real artists, and there were about a dozen of them among hundreds of students taking art classes. The real artists wore normal clothes, kept to themselves, never stood out and of course - produced brilliant artwork from natural innate talent. Master Troll evokes memories of the wannabe's, it really came rushing back. His long hair, and beard, his stupid little home-cooked graphics with Comic Sans as a font (PS, in the professional industry "Zzit" Comic Sans is an absolute no no, with no exception)............... it reminds me so vividly of all the 'wannabe's' roaming the university art school halls pretending to be 'creative'. Now we have the 'wannabe's' roaming the internet esoteric halls, trying so desperately to be creative, enlightened gurus. Most disturbing about this worm is he is lazy. He is just a lazy pick pocket. Right or wrong, most of the people this Master Troll has gone after in his videos have created their own material, built up their own website and momentum. I don't believe he does it consciously, but this opportunist goes after online profiles larger than his own. Zzit is so lazy and greedy, he would rather build up a YouTube profile and promote a book by seeking out bigger internet fish and taking jabs at their material and character in order to artificially inflate his own stature. Zzit, what-the-fuck is up with your book cover?? Someone's comatose uncle with a crayon taped between his cold, diabetic toes could have designed a better cover than your generic, Hall Mark moment, recycled cliche - it's giving clip art a bad name. This trolling bigger fish, in theory would get him more hits. Just a down right, old-fashioned, lazy, unimaginative marketing practice from a bottom feeder Master Troll. His entire site and raison d'être is an incredible round-robin of hypocrisy. He yaps for hours, deriding others for making money off spiritual and or paranormal theories and topics - YET - does the very same thing, writes a book about the human condition, his self chakra finding expedition (yawn), spirituality (lack of, whatever..) and then sells it for a profit! What a blatant, trolling hypocrite! Wow. Master Troll accused me of hiding behind a pen name. Be informed master troll, Agent K and I chose to be anonymous so there would never be a valid argument...............E--V--E--R............ that we are in the UFO-ET news business for money or notoriety. And you know what? It WORKS. We're not hiding, but you can throw out that low hanging fruit along with your other sucker punches.

So how did I get mixed up with this troll? What's it all about? Why even care? I replied to one of his videos and left a rather stinging rebuke commentary. "Zzit" did not like this very much, it pushed many buttons, he seems to have the spine and integrity of someone who likes to dish it out but cannot dish it in. He went all sorts of passive aggressive Samsonite. The primary psychological problem here is that this Youtuber/author presents himself as a positive guru, but simultaneously exists as a Schrodinger cat who derides others, mocks, cheats and from my limited interaction with him - twists the truth to serve himself. A negative entity portraying themselves as a positive, 'follow-me' leprechaun. I'm certainly no better or worst, morally, than this leprechaun, but I know this about myself and don't go selling spiritual books, portray myself as a chakra wizard or attempt to make a profit from books and merchandising. I try to make a valid point by keeping my own mouth shut and posting what others have to say. As far as self-help spiritual books and videos are concerned - I'd go so far as to say there are very, very few people who can truly offer legitimate human-condition, psychological guidance. Most of the people who stand out have a PhD or are absolute mega humans, such as Dr. Dyer, Dr Phil, Oprah Winfrey, Talbot, or Tony Robbins just to give a few examples. This internet gerbil is no Tony Robbins or Dr Dyer, believe me. No auditoriums filled with fans, no visits to Oprah, just a scruffy fraud sitting in a scruffy house with a Walmart cam blathering on for hours, building himself up by attacking others. Personal journey, chakra, spiritual books are a dime a dozen these days. It's vast question mark in the collective human consciousness and a lot of opportunist join the fray in an attempt to write an easy book and garner some of the profit to be had and likewise some of the self adulation as a guru. I'm no hypocrite in this area, I am a professional artist and approached the ET-UFO-PARANORMAL as a reporter and scene recreation artist. In fact, the whole running joke of being anonymous and our not-to-be-taken-serious pen names reflects an effort to remove our ego and public praise from the equation.
In my humble opinon, when it comes to the human spirit and true guiders and healers - the Devil is in the details - and the real human triumph and altruism force is with the 'service to others' oriented people who are doing the small things, grunge work, health care, teaching, civil service, day in and day out with no glory and no great revenue. This internet troll smart ass, long haired bearded, scruffy, yapping punk thinks he is hot shit with his new age trite and his comics sans shite. Master Troll, you and your "I found my hairy chakra and now you too can find your caca for $14.99 on Amazon" can jump off a hairy cliff. "Oh, but it's not about the money, I do it all for the good of the many". Phony. Watching his videos for the 10 minutes I could withstand it, I was half expecting Zzit to stop talking about discovering his hairy caca chakra, quickly switching to his discovery of the best deer hunting lure and how he found a buck lure than also works as a great alternative to tobacco for dip.

So, "Zzit" replies to my YouTube comment left on his Bashar "critique" video, suggesting that my posting was a "threat" and I would be reported to YouTube and the "authorities", which I assume would be the police. He then proceeded to block me from his website, making sure to get his "threat" comment tucked in just before blocking me, a sort of sucker punch to the back of the head. However, the original Agent D comment on his YouTube page could be edited and so I was able to update my original assessment of his idiotic channel and continue to give him my opinion and boy, he did not like this. I replied to "Zit" that no threat was made, or implied, which he very well knows and that accusing me falsely of making "threat's" would not be taken lightly by The Object Report and could get legal if he kept up his false cry-baby "threat" campaign. As I have said before in previous TOR entries, this is a tactic of skeptics, they begin by attacking the speaker. "Zit", from what I could decipher from a few minutes looking over his YouTube page with the volume as low as possible, says his comments stand on their own and he's not out for money, but nonetheless he has books for $ell, and even a merchandising link on the very same YouTube channel in which he posts text saying he does not need your money. So which is it? You do make money off your attack videos, or you don't? Well, we've never made a nickel off a book nor do we have any links taking money. So for you to make that claim of yours, again shows you to be a sort of loud mouth know it all punk.

In his emails to our Gmail account (suggesting I would be sued and locked up by police if I dared speak to his holiness again). Another weasel tactic was to send me a barrage of emails, with the very first threatening to call the police if I contacted him again, the irony. Well, if I can't respond to your half dozen emails, then don't send them in the first place genius. Master Troll suggests that the Object Report is likewise out to criticize others and in his reply emails, sent me links of our own blog entries where we bring up questions on individuals - suggesting we are no better than he is. Another tactic of the dark arts, or what is now being labelled "what about", Master Troll responds with "well what about the posts you and Agent K made on blah blah criticizing so and so"? The Object Report has been online for over 10 years. We have had over 1,000,000 unique views since beginning. The total number of viewers and hits is deceiving and difficult to track, because our goal has always been to get hits to others, to assist others with hits to their videos and not to our own site in particular. We think of ourselves as a support site, placing attention on other writers, eye-witnesses and documentaries. We've streamed thousands of links, videos, articles and have written hundreds of ET UFO articles and 98.88 percent of our content and commentary is based upon streaming news feed, but on occasion we will post an op-ed piece on a ET-UFO-CONTACT personality we believe needs to be called into question. A Troll could cherry pick the 2% cases in which we have brought up and questioned the claims of particular people,, 'Zzit', but it in no way matches the nature of your YouTube channel and business model. Attack after attack after attack, this is not our format and we have no interest in such a theme. We do have the reporter's right and obligation to cover certain individuals and this in no way is comparable to your putrid little YouTube channel, no matter how hard you try to shove that square peg into the round hole.

"If you contact me again, I'll call the police" Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...waaaaaaa cry baby. You win Master Troll, I took down my comment and will leave you alone, so you don't feel "threatened" by my muscle-flexing man-words. I think the observations and assessments I was able to get on your page in that brief window, will rattle around in that head of yours for a while, comment up or down. Perhaps, you can make another follow up call to your local police department, tell them the "threat" is off and the police and DHS can lower the national alert from amber to pink. Any police cars parked in front of your house can go back to the station and focus on other, more pressing, nefarious activities from online UFO bloggers.

This is all my fault, there is no denying and I am taking this lightly and attempting to see the humor in it and have taken the time, to do what Agent K and I always do, be transparent and put it all out there for everyone to see, including this bizarre interaction with the most magical Troll I've ever beheld. I'm not quite sure why I even bothered commenting on your YouTube page - I knew very well the typical reaction and you executed my expectations perfectly. But thanks for the lesson and reminding me not to engage with vicious characters in the first place. Lesson learned. Well, two lessons learned. First, don't waste time with trolls. Second, I've seen the bottom of the barrel and its been a fantastic cosmic mirror to confirm what I do not want to be when it comes to internet blogging.

Agent D

This is an opinion editorial entry.