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There are many CE4 experiencers who have written about conversations with the "Greys", these dialogues usually transpiring aboard a UFO and frequently the conversation takes place in the form of telepathy. These UFO borne exchanges on average consisted of a disoriented human patient aboard a UFO asking questions out of fear or morbid curiosity. The content of the non-verbal, telepathic exchanges themselves were a curiosity with the Tall Greys often providing very short responses or short encrypted responses and in some cases the Greys give no response at all. Many early UFO-ET authors attributed this to the purported lack of emotion on the part of the Greys others deduced that the Greys deemed humans inferior and beneath them, unworthy of a response from an advanced race. An interesting YouTube audio clip surfaced for some time on the internet, long enough for me to have a few good listens. Time-warp back to the 1980's and enter into the mindset of the Greys themselves as they are pressed to explain their abductions of human patients using ultra-advanced technology. Let's recall that the Greys first came to light in the 1980's through Whitley Strieber's groundbreaking book Communion. 

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Strieber was not the first person experiencing strange phenomenon and interactions with the Greys, but he was the first to write professionally on the subject of Greys and abductions using his personal close encounters as the foundation of his many books, website and talk shows. The 1970's and 1980's seem to be the the peak of the abduction curve, the height of activity and Strieber smacked a home-run with Communion bringing the elusive subject to public light, leading the way for many other abductees who would go on to write their own accounts and memoirs. If my memory serves, it was Whitley Strieber who in fact coined our trans-dimensional visitors "The Greys" and with the assistance of legendary Hollywood artist Steve Neil created the iconic 3D image of the Grey face. 

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Let's talk for a minute about what we know to date about the Tall Greys who have become so well known, the very image of the Grey has infused into pop culture and global media. From what we gather, the Greys themselves are beings we would consider humans from a parallel reality. We are being told that any movement using hyper-technology to travel into the 'future' or into the 'past' is essentially movement to a parallel reality. However, as has been pointed out by physicists and the Visitors themselves, there really is no 'time', everything is here and NOW. One vast, infinite connected fractal hologram or 'All That Is'. The lowly human quantum mind itself is capable of steering through the sea of parallel realities according to one's sustained belief system - more advanced beings can shift reality with greater power utilizing technology and this may appear as magic - but is nonetheless physics - consciousness projecting a holographic reality of its choosing, each moment. This is possible as the engine of reality itself is an in-comprehensively varied, hyper-fractal holographic matrix. Time and space on the quantum level do not exist, therefore motion is an illusion created by the conscious mind moving from one parallel reality to the next at Planck speed. This is a high-minded concept, but one we can wrap our heads around, but we have very little understanding of  how the Greys utilize this NOW hologram concept with technology that is equivalent to 50,000 years into the future.

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So many unknowns, but we do have a few knowns when it comes to the Greys. We know they utilize UFOs extensively and humans have been inside these craft on quite a few occasions. If one were to step aboard a UFO and accelerate the natural process of reality perception via hyper-technology and slip back in time to 1979 - it would not be the same 1979 you existed and breathed in as a younger person - it would appear identical to what you remembered - but would be a parallel reality 1979 - again keeping in mind the enormity and variation of the holographic hyper-fractal that is reality - the slightest deviation of just one 'quark' is a shift between one parallel reality and the next parallel reality fractal, perpetually in motion and never the same moment to the eternal mind. Through another mind-puzzle scenario - step back into the time-machine/UFO and go forward in time one hour, parking yourself in orbit above Earth and then travel back in time, to arrive back at the exact microsecond you left, in the very same position where you left, and yet you would be returning to an entirely different parallel Earth. Humans can comprehend this enough to understand the Grey timeline in which a nearly identical parallel Earth of 1982, humanity triggered a nuclear war and the remaining humans were forced underground into deep caverns, possibly discovering ancient builder technology or encountering breakaway civilizations that are rumored to exist within the honeycomb Earth even at present in our parallel reality. This sad parallel reality Earth would be one in which there was no more McDonald's, no more Netflix, and no more popcorn and cinema. These humans would have faced a stark existence and would have engaged in a desperate attempt to survive and procreate in a hostile environment. We can only speculate, but casual picnics and barefoot strolls through the grass on a sunny day were likely a thing of the past for these post-nuclear subterranean humans and the drab, desperate race to advance in technology likely became priority. Fifty thousand years is an outrageous amount of time into the future, enough time for these Greys to advance so far in technology, it is likely the Greys visited other worlds and perhaps evolved further on other planets. These planets are likely not even within our quantum constant! The mind-melt is the realization that all of this transpired over 50,000 years and produced a technology so powerful these beings can materialize right back to the start of the time thread, as if no time had transpired at all!

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Yes, yes, this sounds like fiction but according to the ongoing saga that seems to be repeated over and over by random people from all parts and at varying times - this post-nuclear apocalypse parallel Earth remarkably did survive and even more bizarrely - the survivors are here in our reality via technology. Here they are, we can see and touch them today, they survived. If we break it down even further - we might be looking at what could be thought of as parallel reality evolution or parallel reality probabilities. If there are an infinite number of parallel realities, then those scenarios in which humans died wont be showing up will they, it will be the probability where beings survived and have a commonality to our reality. This particular probability-reality Grey timeline advanced in their technology beyond imagination and in the process began to incorporate trans-human technology into their bodies, into their essence. The EIRM suggests they phased out wild human emotions through genetic manipulations. These people were not androids, they were indeed humans with souls, but humans with a great deal of technology and genetic manipulation - tampering they deemed necessary, a deep inner fear driven by nuclear holocaust. 50,000 years later and those trans-humans we know as the Greys developed technology so advanced they not only seeded other planets, they likely traveled to other dimensions, other parallel realities. We are being told the Greys traveled to 20th century Earth and created a new race of beings we know as the Hybrids - specifically the Yahyel and Essassani. Remarkably all three race of Greys are communicating with us now, simultaneously because there is no time and space - only NOW. Thus all of the Hybrid beings who are the result of the Grey abduction program are already out there on distant planets and are speaking and interacting with us, simultaneously as the abductions themselves are still taking place! Strange indeed. I think this non-linear aspect of the UFO and ET-Human story leaves a lot of brains in the dust, and those left behind get very angry and aggressive toward a phenomenon they do not fully understand. 

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What are the original Greys like? We know so very little of them aside from what we are spoon fed and the Greys themselves seem to have zero interest in sharing their strange history with this timeline of humans, at least not yet. The EIRM indicates they do not eat, do not sleep, do not have sex and if the rumor is indeed correct (we have no photos) do not have sex organs. We humans are utter gluttons in comparison - we eat, drink, laugh, cry, have sex and make war and we can't seem to get enough of it. What sensory stimulus do the Greys enjoy with this lack of physiological tactile input? The shocking answer is likely MORE than us humans! This seems ironic and ironically the Essassani mediator suggested the last emotion the Greys fully retained was a sense of irony.

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In the remaining portion of this Special Report, I am obviously going to be speculating and reaching - however, based upon our own progression we can take a good guess as to what drives a hive-mind trans-human race. With technology that is 50,000 years into the future. The Greys have direct access to the hyper fractal parallel realities and all the information within it. Consider that this information also includes wave patterns we know as sub-conscious and dream state. Imagine having conscious access to the dream state, the magic, the ecstasy and the sheer wonder. The Greys likely can travel (if travel is even necessary) instantly to countless galaxies and worlds, observe various beings and cultures across the entirety of time - an endless virtual reality. Imagine having access to infinite reality at your finger tips, the ability to watch and involve yourself in a virtual reality set of not just one Earth, but trillions of Earths and trillions of humanoid lives. The Greys have HBO and Netflix in 3D and there are a billion trillion zillion channels to watch. A foundation question is then "are the Greys driven by curiosity and entertainment as we are?" Every living humanoid being is essentially composed of senses and ambient sensory input drives us, the variations of energy, receiving and giving information and stimulus. Look to ourselves as homo sapiens, our mass cultural trend is forward toward reality TV and enhanced sensory stimulus, we are perfecting 3D virtual reality and if we had access to advanced trans-dimensional craft, we would expand our immediate sphere of influence to include reality shows about other planets and other alien cultures. Star Trek is essentially this very thing, but only theoretical at this moment, but you can bank on it, that as soon as the ETs make themselves known to us, it will spawn a new era of entertainment and interaction on a level several factors what it is now. As I stated earlier and a thought worth pondering, just the theoretical image of the face of a Grey ET alone has already spawned T-shirts, cartoons, shows, and several mega Hollywood movies. Entertainment has proven itself to be a primordial necessity of human life equal to water, shelter and heat. Indeed, the Greys are an offshoot of 19th century human beings so there is some basic connection to those things which drive humans or humanoids, otherwise the Greys would not be here mixing our DNA with their DNA creating hybrid races. These are the sort of scenarios ET-UFO authors have speculated on for decades.

As I mentioned at the start of this report, I came across an absolutely bizarre 1990's era YouTube video of Bashar, aka Daryl Anka channeling what sounds like Greys themselves speaking in response to angry abduction related questions from the audience. Due to copyright restrictions, I cannot post the audio or video here and I believe the video has since been removed. However, it is likely available through the Bashar web portal for a fee. Bashar, circa AD 2300 Hybrid mediator and the circa AD 50,000 Greys providing answers simultaneously from two points in time through a human bio-transmitter is perhaps a taste of things to come as we inch closer to ET-Human contact. In that YouTube video, the moderator voice itself belongs to Daryl Anka who is well known for channeling the Hybrid entity Bashar thus the tone of the voice to the ears is distinctively human, never the less the intonation, pace and choice of words when the Grey is speaking is evidently not of this Earth and does not sound like any of the other beings Daryl has transmitted prior or after. The answers from the Greys are strangely enough what one would expect from a Grey being based upon decades of CE4 testimony regarding abductions and Grey interactions. Speaking with absolute logic and knowledge and the conversation itself is less dialogue and more of a nearly comical attempt by 1980's humans to fathom the motives and reasons of an ultra advanced race doling out carefully measured portions of answers.

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In the YouTube video, the Essassani moderator Bashar takes a back seat and brings forth the Grey being (likely someone very high in the pecking order) to assume speaking control of the human bio-transmitter and the first utterance from the Grey is, "Speak". The rumor of the Greys being abrupt and to the point is brought to mind with this cinematic, succinct start of the dialogue that ensues. The question of 'why' the abductions are needed is asked by the ruffled female participant and the answer given is "we are blending for our agenda of rectitude." In this statement the Greys flatly confirm there is a program of abductions and human DNA obtained from 'taken' female patients is being blended with Gray DNA to continue their soul-based, multidimensional existence through the resulting Hybrid races. The word 'rectitude' is defined as moral or righteous behavior, thus we can assume the Greys consider this blending process as moral and the process itself as perhaps a righteous or honorable endeavor and likely allowed to transpire from a higher dimension we would consider as divine in nature. The question of how long the abductions will continue is asked and the Grey replies "Your time span of a decade, complete". Here the Greys are careful to frame the duration as our time frame, a human time frame of a decade and if this audio is from the 1980's or early 90's this would put the end of the actual abductions and hybrid program in the late 1990's and indeed the abductions seemed to taper down as the year 2000 passed. 

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Beyond the published date of this YouTube video there were continued reports of abductions and encounters and this could be attributed to follow up medical exams of human female patients needing post-op medical examinations as a precaution, it could be something else but we can imagine a need for continued monitoring. However, abductions of humans for the hybrid program is not a solo act, there is also evidence of MILAB activity in which a human SSP faction monitored, followed and abducted any humans known to have had interactions with ETs and or the Greys. Based upon my own observations of what others have researched and had to say in regards to MILAB, these people are cowards, abusive, corrupt and possibly the most evil facet of humanity. MILAB trash are likely afraid of ET-Human contact solely based upon deep guilt connected to their depraved mindset and past humanitarian violations. Thus in our never ending detective story, the "motive" for MILAB is simply to prevent Earth slipping into a parallel reality Earth in which the good and honorable take power. On this current Prison Planet, the corrupt and evil hold absolute power and the planet is in lock down. 'MILAB' is short for Military Abductions and this is a tactic of human deep-government military faction taking humans immediately following the real abductions. The purpose is likely two fold, the first being to study the human to see what sort of data can be gleaned from the abducted in order to further the military Prison Planet lock down, simply put to aid warfare and continue terror. Secondly, the MILAB taking and holding is designed to instill fear and confusion into the human who is being abducted by Greys. The fake MILAB abduction creates ambiguity about exactly what happened and who was involved. Muddy the waters.

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Another revealing bit of information comes forth in the Bashar YouTube video when the female participant begins to make demands that the abductions stop, the Grey responds with "No stoppage is imminent, therefore no discussion is needed of this point, you may feel as you wish no stoppage is imminent." This reply would indicate that our 1980s human perspective of the abductions is one of fear and emotion and is taking place in a somewhat linear fashion against what could be seen as a non-linear, multi-dimensional operation. In the eyes of the Greys, who are trans-dimensional, the abductions and hybrid DNA program would be simultaneously taking place and complete. It would obviously be difficult for a being who has seen not only the completion of the hybrid program, but is in contact with the resulting hybrid races, to communicate to a linear human the true scope and trans-dimensional nature of the endeavor. I am only able to partially understand this notion, and type it out here in this special report after reading on the topic for decades, just now tying it all together.

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The YouTube questioner grows more heated in her demands that the abductions cease. The Gray being responds "It will end when the agenda ends". This would indicate the abductions would end once the hybrid process is completed. The participant accuses the Greys of being in collusion with negative Draconian Reptilian beings. The Gray responds with "No, your information is erroneous". This succinct answer would seem to put a nail into the idea of the Greys having some evil goal to dominate humans with the assistance of Reptilians. Because we humans see and know so little of the numerous ET races visiting planet Earth, our limited and narrow access to true information results in a distilled perception that all Visitors are somehow conspiring against us. The female human accuses the Greys of controlling and abusing people through technology and deals made with secret Earth governments. The Gray responds "there are levels to our species, what you would call factions. Our faction is dying, our faction has need, our faction also recognizes you are dying. Our faction is attracted to your faction through death and resurrection of both species simultaneously through the agreement of our simultaneously co-created agendas". This is the most profound answer of the entire dialogue and in this response we can confirm several theories that originated from the 1980's. The Gray indicates the rumor that has been going around for so long, is quite accurate. It also indicates that Humans at this juncture would simply die in all possible parallel reality probabilities if there were no interaction with trans-dimensional beings. Are we here and now breathing in 2017 because the Greys injected themselves into our reality? Food for thought. 

Persistent in challenging the Grey, claiming the abductions and hybrid agenda is forbidden, the Grey replies "It is not, it is agreed, you have given your agreement on other levels". The female accuses the Greys of taking advantage of humans through the use of technology, the Grey responds "You have emotionally usurped our will, this is allowed because you have created it. And you are creating yours. You have not, you have not. You still have not allowed your world the balance it needs for there to be the transition smoothly as it could. It is in process and you see upheaval and what you call detrimental environmental impact around your planet. What you are referring to as stoppage, is not stoppage that you seek, what you seek is transformation and equality of terms . You do not seek stoppage, you seek conscious participation." another angry point is delivered into the microphone with the telepathic response "then evaluate them, you do not need to evaluate them with us. You need to evaluate them with yourselves.

You do not understand the concept of technology as we experience it." This is the most breath taking tidbit of the entire Grey statement and a bit of revelation that rattled around in my head for quite some time and had me thinking and thinking. The Grey technology is so advanced, so other worldly - we don't even understand the essence of technology - WOW! Well, this makes sense considering that to this date we do not understand basic physics such as gravity, telepathy, the quantum soul. The Grey continues, stating "we now through hybridization are beginning to connect to understanding of what you experience and label as love energy. But you as species do not exhibit love energy in the way you ask us to. You have your free will. You have no manipulation of your will with regard to your ability to express what you call your emotional context." A question is asked regarding possible SSP technology and reverse-engineered craft and technology, "You have no more of our technology. What you experience as the idea your refer to as our technology is not our technology any longer it is your technology, you have your faction, you have your structure, you have your military, you have your government, these are the exploitation of your free will we do not participate in that. In time agreements were made between what were deemed to be the representatives of your world, you still allow those individuals to represent but we are no longer engaged." A question is presented as relates to the abduction process and its termination, the Grey replies "It will change and in that you will experience what you call an end. But you are required to change before it can be experienced as an equal transition. Our end is met, your end is within yourselves. End of transmission."

Interestingly during my first listen with the irate female participant included in the audio, the response of the Grey seemed charged and annoyed, perhaps defensive. After a few dozen listens during the creation of this special report, with the female questioner audio portions edited out and only hearing the Grey - the responses come across seemingly emphatic and flat. Perhaps the Greys responses to human accusations were necessitating precise and impossibly confident language on the part of the Greys, and this seems to fit the tone of the dialogue and expectations of such an interaction.

A fleeting moment of interaction in real-time with the Greys for all the Universe to hear. This is indeed fantastic if this is authentic, and I place it highly likely considering this particular source. Bashar states that in his worlds timeline the Greys are long since gone, having lost the bodies that we know as "Tall Greys" quite some time in the 'past' in their timeline. This is another great piece to the puzzle and we can deduce two more factoids and better understand the players involved, the technology and the points of view. First it indicates that the Greys are simultaneously here alive and active and yet dead and gone. The logic would follow that the Greys have a line of communication with the offshoot hybrid Essassani that supersedes time and distance. The human conduit, Daryl Anka, relaying this information verbally in a controlled mental state suggests we also have this non-liner line of communication with the Greys and likewise with the Essassani, all parties on a quantum form of Skype conference.

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