Thursday, August 24, 2017


I'm suspecting more and more Corey Goode is either not what he claims to be or a unwitting prawn. There is simply zero supporting evidence or secondary witnesses to backup his rather wide sweeping story of a Secret Space Program and Blue Avians erecting a shield around the solar system. There is not one iota of supporting material from what I can tell. Lesser UFO ET events have had a least some minor degree of traction in the form of body marks, pics, medical exams, radar recordings, memos,etc. One obvious piece of evidence is Corey Goode himself. Corey suggests he is an ex SSP empath soldier of sorts for twenty years and was, at the end of his service, biologically regressed back to a physical state of being where his mission began - thus negating twenty years via genetic quantum body-clock reversal. Corey Goode therefore represents a nearly mystical human being who has been altered twenty years more youthful. This would be astounding, reality shaking, a universal revelation of impossible grandeur of what is possible with ultra-technology. Twenty years younger! Why hasn't Goode submitted himself to a comprehensive medical exam? For reality sake, I'm suggesting very basic physical exam standards, such as a blood test, perhaps a DNA test, skin cell tests - things we all would get in the course of our lives visiting a family doctor. Intrusive? It would be fair to say he does not have to obligate himself to a physical exam, but I want readers to ponder that this has never been offered as an item from Corey, as far as I know. The absence of offering himself as evidence is suspect in my book considering his body is the only physical evidence Goode actually possesses and therefore an item he could make good use of to reinforce his other-worldly yarn. I would do the tests on myself if this were my story, in a heart beat. He can have David Wilcock and that production crew of his pay for the exam. These are reasonable suggestions here, entry level stuff.

What I have witnessed is that Corey Goode and David Wilcock have done a great deal of marketing as relates to the SSP story. Corey Goode's website makes me want to puke, each time I visit it seems to have morphed into a theme park website with mugs, books, trinkets for sale. I also have a fundamental problem with David Wilcock, he seems to think of himself as a sort of messenger or hero figure. He is far from it. If there is a UFO Hero, then our hero is Whitley Strieber, and the heroine is Linda Moulton Howe who has busted ass for thirty plus years squeezing UFO blood out of rocks. Whitley caught so much degrading shit from putting his story forward back in the 1980's and the man has refrained from speculating on the origins of the Visitors and has gone to inhuman lengths to avoid being the center of a cult and has avoided portraying himself as having some great, gifted wisdom on UFOs and ETs. I would even go as far to say that Strieber's humility, restraint in itself seems to be a mode of  mind that tunnels into higher dimensions, wherein 'questions' are more important than the 'answer' for it teases the brain into higher intelligence thinking. There is material evidence with Whitley's case, a medical doctor attempting to get an implant out of his ear was documented on video. There were named witnesses who came forth to say they also saw strange beings in and around Whitley's cabin back at the height of Visitor activity, and the list goes on. As I have said before, author Whitley Strieber and Linda Howe are the Gold Standard by which I personally judge all other UFO - ET writers and eye witnesses.

What do we have with Corey Goode? Nothing, zero, nada, zilch. I followed Corey Goode's story for about a year and Agent D's coverage and Agent K's coverage is thorough. There are really no supporting characters, no supporting documents, no material evidence. Now, I've been a staunch believer that UFOs and ETs deliberately leave no trace, so I do not expect there to be evidence left behind after encounters or abductions - this is the Visitor M.O. their Trademark. However, with such a large HUMAN organization as the SSP, I would expect some degree of leakage. Where is the leakage? Has anyone even found one drop of SSP leakage? If so please email me right away. I'll even bend over a little bit and take a UFO internet spanking if I'm wrong, but I suspect I will only hear crickets after this request. No, the feeling I get is that Corey Goode has taken a lot of existing material, understands the language and world of UFOlogy well and has created an offshoot. It is very well done, as it includes very high level spiritual information and deep physics concepts and of course the usual suspects, reptilians, grays, covert agents. It is so well done, it is in fact spooky. What I mean by "spooky" is the notion that dark beings might be throwing out keywords and concepts such as "service to others", "love", "ascension" and repeating these necessary axioms over and over in an effort to create a trusting persona. I have my own personal theory that a lot more is at stake than is understood by the average human and I think the dark beings are going to resist the good and will be more clever and intelligent than most humans. How do we know if a being is of infinite love? I think the answer is TIME. History is a time machine, we can look backwards and analyze what we thought at a particular time against the NOW and what is evident reality. I believe characters such as Strieber have proven themselves over time. Travis Walton has proven himself over time, sticking to his story, keeping a consistent demeanor as regards the validity of the sighting. I guess what is missing with Corey Goode is time and history, we will have to see what pans out. For the moment the monetization of the SSP story truly rubs me the wrong way. I've heard the argument people need an income to continue to tell their story. I once agreed to this, but in the internet age, I've had a change of heart. I've never made a fucking dime off the UFO field and never intend to and at the height of TOR, we reached over a million readers per year through pro-bono hard work. I'm not saying others must work pro-bono, but you better be absolute impeccable if you monetize and I'm not smelling impeccable here.

So who is for real and who is false? I do believe in intuition. I believe there are good beings in the Universe. I believe there are people who lack morality and absolute empathy for fellow living beings. I have seen UFOs and I have experienced paranormal encounters and attacks, so as I have stated before I am far, far out there in the land of believerdom. My gut feeling with Corey Goode is not Goode at the moment. I could be wrong. I find David Wilcock to be a bit annoying. I think he runs his mouth and throws out a lot of material to see what sticks. It's DISINGENUOUS.

I hope I'm wrong, I love Corey Goode's story, I love the idea of a solar force field being erected to protect us and feathered friends visiting with blue spheres. But this sounds like something we want to hear. I'm getting more and more disinterested in the players and stories that have floated to the surface of the UFO ET pond lately.  As innocent readers, what is our motivation to follow these stories and invest morality and energy into these claims? Nothing really and no one can be blamed for flipping off the channel. The "service to others" message? Well, if you don't have it in you as an adult to know better that you need to help others, I doubt some fancy story is going to inject source energy morality into you. I think you either have the right stuff or you do not. So, if there really is a pressing message we need to hear, then the Visitors are doing a poor job of delivery and I'm giving them an "F" for failure if Corey Goode is the messenger. We can do better than this, would you not agree?

I would like, lastly to offer a possible explanation of where people like Corey Goode spring forth from. Of late, I am becoming fixated with the concept of "instantaneous infinity". The notion that consciousness is nothing more than vibration and mass is an illusion. Indeed there is nothing in the universe but waves and vibrations, that is it. As Bashar stated "What you put out - is what you get back" You are source consciousness and the quantum matrix is your mirror, an infinite mirror at that. It is finely tuned feedback and reflects your current mindset. Infinity instantly manifests a reality that fits your expectations, needs, desires fears - this is practically confirmed law at this point - at least in my personal life. I believe Corey Goode is a manifestation from the infinite aethers. Our collective suspicion of a hidden, dark government, Snoden Assange'esque leakers, lurking aliens both good and bad and saviors of humanity. We've projected this Goode character to assume a role and I think this is why he seems simultaneously real and unreal and slippery. What is reality? There is only the NOW. Perhaps there is no real, true reality that can be pinned down at any given moment - whatever your mindset in the NOW induces the quantum mirror. It's changing all the time, it has to be otherwise permanency would be a sort of hell. Change is the only constant.

I'm spending less time reading other people's internet projections and theories as I suspect these are reflections of stress, paranoia and insanity. Everything and anything seems to be valid these days, as concerns UFOs and ascension and nothing can ever be pinned down - but of course it can't because mass is an illusion - there is only vibration and thought. Who is right and who is wrong? They cannot all be right and wrong at the same time - or - can they? Hmmm

Agent D

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