Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Birds and the Beings Face Off 
UFO/ET enthusiasts are familiar with the concept that humanoid reptilians could be indigenous to Earth, originating from this planet hundreds of millions of years (perhaps more) into prehistoric past. Two other species we do not often think of being family cousins of humans are sentient insects and birds. The SyFy channel has over the past years with their show Face Off sought out talented visual artists to create some rather stunning models of alien races. Looking over these pictures on the internet the other day, I found it quite interesting that we have so many Reptilians and Bird-like beings on our collective mind and it comes forth in artistic creations, in films, comics, TV shows, literature and the list goes on. We are lately seeing very humanoid versions of intelligent insects and birds. Biologically speaking - at first glance this might seem like an evolutionary stretch given that birds have no hands and fingers and insects on Earth are quite small and seem fragile and evasive. Consider though that our (limited) observations are made within our current sphere of reality. If we look to the past or future, it is interesting to note that Planet Earth was quite a different planet altogether billions of years ago and will be a totally alien planet far into the future. Netflix is currently offering the classic 1999 BBC TV show Walk with the Dinosaurs and the followup Walking with Monsters. This 3D animated series gives a glimpse into a vastly different surface of our planet. Hundreds of millions of years into the past, the atmosphere was radically different as well, temperatures were higher and the ratio of gases such as oxygen, helium and nitrogen was quite different than today. Insects were growing several feet in length given that the atmosphere in their period was in favor of insect exoskeleton membrane-gas exchange with oxygen saturation reaching 30 percent of ambient air. This is not to say for certain that visiting humanoid insect races are from Earth, but our geological history in itself is a long calendar demonstration of how varied any life sustaining planet's atmosphere can be at any given time interval involving billions of years, compared one to the other. Earth is not a static sphere, the planet itself grows and evolves, literally in physical size, gas composition, orbital distance from the sun and the given flora and animal kingdoms that thrive best in that particular billion-year-slice. Earth is not only capable of giving birth to one sentient species, she has enough Goldilocks orbital life to spin out at least 3-4 discrete races of star beings according to fellow ET star beings/visitors statements on record. 

When we say other "Star beings" this is a specific reference to flesh and blood, living beings composed of atomic matter which was blasted out of a fusion star at the heart of a planetary solar system. 
When we speak of ultra-advanced beings we are usually speaking of non-corporeal, conscious beings who are composed of light or some other quasi-matter not well-defined who have likely evolved from flesh and blood into a trans-human species that has integrated technology into the very essence of their being, ultimately reaching a state of existence that blends seamlessly with trans-dimensional ability. Many visitors have blatantly stated to human eye-witnesses that ultra-technology and spiritual advancement go hand in hand. This is a real teaser statement that rattles around in your head for a long, long time. What does this mean? Technology and spirituality wound tightly together across infinity, it is very satisfying to the right side of the brain to contemplate. While we are in the twilight zone talking about infinity, we also have to consider how fantastic it is, that any sort of sentient being can pop out of infinity at any given moment - anything goes and indeed some CE4 eye-witness experiences certainly suggest ordinary humans from time to time are brushing up against this infinite potentiality scenario wherein the holographic fractal universe via its common laws of physics based primarily upon quantum waves and non-locality - allows for interaction across infinite swaths of multiverses. Face Off
Our mass-collective conception of visiting humanoid species is unfortunately riddled with paranoia and deep fear and perhaps in random dealings with some visiting humanoid species, the fear is well placed. Homo Sapiens have a tendency, based upon current DNA complexity, toward animal violence behavior. In our favor we have this odd tendency to produce high integrity beings that promote peace and harmony, we also have on occasion genius and master artistry. We could assume that other humanoid races have a wide spectrum which embodies animal violence and cosmic-level genius with most of the species perhaps lying somewhere in between these extremes. It is my understanding that the initial ET-Human contact phase with other star beings has to date been primarily composed of arriving, opportunistic, races who have engaged nasty, human military-industrial-complex-type factions in an effort to gain a foot hold in Earth affairs and to steer the supertanker as it were. Corey Goode of the Sphere Being Alliance blog has speculated and articulated at length, that this likely began in earnest in the 1940's with Nazi Germany initiating a parallel reality, mass-mind-collective-operation that was in essence the first military-industrial-complex to have no internal, national resistance and thus took off like a bottle rocket and continues well into the present with several contemporary military industrial complex alliances with negative ET factions still ongoing and expanding into the cosmos. This doesn't surprise at all when you let the logic of it run its course in your imagination. All of this originating back in the mid 1900's Europe is interesting to note. We humble citizens tend to think ET-Human contact is something that is approaching, but apparently it has long since taken place - put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

Well, this certainly was a nasty little slice of human history looking back, so perhaps we should not feel jealous that we were left out of the party. Today, the big picture is coming into focus and we can decipher the grand plan on a cosmic, trans-dimensional scale using our trusty Internet-Collective Nerd Club Card. Thinking like an advanced ET and seeing our homo-sapiens existence from the perspective of ultra-advanced intelligence, beings who can slip backward and forwards within the fractal holographic multiverse - to them Earth's past and future and the initial mid 1900's meet and greet with odious ET factions was likely anticipated by a great number of other ET societies within earshot of our bustling solar system. We know there are many friendly confederations and alliances involved with Earth's (non-linear) affairs, but who obviously waited by the sidelines in those testy, early years of contact. One could say that those early visiting races - operating in a clinically very similar social manner with their governments and societies based on war and industrial profiteering were, in a sense, gravitating naturally within the complex quantum ether, manifesting themselves in a warm, cozy, familiar environment. Easy-going, refined beings and alliances would have known of the futility of engaging post WWII Earth humans, imagine what a hornet's nest this planet was after the sheer destruction and carnage of WWII. Nasty characters always move onto the scene when people are down and vulnerable and obviously this trait is not privy to just humans. Post World War II is when Earth behavior really went into secret-government-military-industrial-complex-orgasmic-overdrive. Again, from the timeless, advanced perspective this was certainly predictable and thus in wide angle lens, cosmic perspective, allowed to happen in order for the characters of the House of Cards to assume their ying yang roles and thus positioning all visiting species in their assigned seating as Earth explodes on the galactic scene as the most violent and diverse planet of free will in the galaxy. Earth drops its quarantine shield allowing a deluge of neighboring humanoid races full access to Earths precious and entertaining domain. We are at the least, the best reality TV in the Universe and the neighbors are very, very curious about the human experiment that is now being uncorked. Many UFOs seen in the sky are likely rubberneckers cruising by, slack-jawed, looking down at the insanse asylum - the inmates running wild with atomics and candy.  

Let us look to the future. Ultimately, full contact will involve the rest of the characters (including you and I), the good ETs are gathering closer and closer and will be interacting strongly with good-nature humans. This coming alliance of high-integrity ETs with high-integrity humans will be so powerful and dominating it will utterly smash the secret government military industrial complex space alliance. This is not wishful thinking, it is simple physics - the highest orders of power and technology come from benevolent dimensions. There is a bias or natural limit to the technology and power of nefarious races - like a virus - dark technology is only allowed to spread so far. There is in a sense a humanity civil war in progress, there is little doubt of this at this juncture, and how this resolves itself in the coming years will be interesting to observe. 

We find ourselves today in a far different era than post WWII Earth and with each passing decade we find ourselves with new kids on the block. We are picking up internet chatter lately of sentient bird beings and the bird being is certainly well embedded in our human psyche, made manifest in comic books and film. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this universe of quantum non-locality and zero-time - neither. MILAB whistleblower Corey Goode is not the first to reference human contact and interaction with intelligent bird beings, the famous novelist and author Whitley Streiber in his book The Key speaks of his conversation with a mysterious Visitor who when questioned by Whitley, elaborates on Earth having the evolutionary, Goldilocks window of opportunity and capability to produce, or evolve both intelligent insects and billions of years later, intelligent birds - and of course us humanoid apes. As we have often discussed, at the quantum level of reality there is no time and space and we suspect UFOs are time machines capable of zero-time in a sense, the ability to be a billion years into the future or past or to be present right here in our current time line - after all, it is just a matter of vibration/frequency, tuning into the desired parallel reality. Do we have Earthly cousins from the past and future Earth, visiting us in UFOs or travelling trans-dimensional to deliver messages and guidance here and now? We certainly could have humanoid reptilian beings visiting us and we must keep in mind what could perhaps be a loophole in the Earth quarantine statute. Intelligent insects and reptilians would be legally considered Earthlings and perhaps a quarantine does not apply to them, we are after all evolved from reptilians ourselves, early proto-mammalians were in fact living in burrows with early dinosaurs and evolved directly from reptilian genetics and this is covered in the BBC series Walking with Monsters. We are family, as we share one planet and perhaps one evolutionary tree. There is growing evidence we have humanoid insects and now good eyewitness testimony suggests we have humanoid birds visiting via time craft. It would not surprise me if the entire Earth family tree contains humanoid Reptilians, Humans, Insects and Birds. Each sentient species having survived its destructive animal instincts to the critical time-zero point where they achieved quantum technology to blast out of the linear time-line, thus interacting in the common meeting ground of the NOW. We have little data on the actual social structure and history of other alien species out there in the Universe, we have been left to largely speculate and guess as to motives, objectives and we humans have a tendency to expect the worst, but we must remind ourselves that individual personalities can cover the spectrum of good to evil, so we are likely to find that visiting races cannot be judged easily, or as a whole. We must remain open and objective.

The hyper fractal multiverse is infinite and offers limitless configurations of reality. This statement, if looked at closely is holographic within itself - you are the hologram and you are conscious within the hologram and must be aware and maintain awareness that the holodeck called Earth is dynamic and and existing in a zero-time state in addition to a linear state. Simply put, linear-time and zero-time both able to exist in our mental understanding, our imagination space is a bit of a paradox. That we can comprehend a paradox possibly suggests we can therefore control the paradox. As stated before, in the fractal-holograhic-multiverse thought is king. We really need to take this notion by the horns and squeeze out every bit of potential that is possible from this phenomenon and seize the opportunity to demonstrate to our fellow galactic neighbors and Earth cousins that we see through the paradox, that we have the collective mental IQ necessary to interact with refined, advanced beings. Our so called "leaders" have failed on que, there is no one at the wheel and the bus is doing 95 MPH, barreling down the highway with sparks flying. Random passengers jump up and attempt to take the wheel to regain some degree of control, at the least shouting to the other passengers that nobody is at the wheel. -AD

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