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We have not posted many links to David Wilcock's material on the Object Report in the past. Unfortunately, I believe Wilcock makes a first impression that likely rubs some people the wrong way and serves as a great example of why it's perhaps advisable to restrict your online persona to two letters and a small black and white avatar - so the message is not eventually diminished by one's internet ego. Of course, I am joking but there is a little truth to this and I think David Wilcock has a strong presence and an aggressive approach to UFO/ET investigation. Ironically, this is exactly what is needed as there is not much in the way of tangible evidence forthcoming in UFO detective work and thus people tend to become fixated with the messenger. Like a destitute, toothless, gold miner in the middle of a creek, one might only uncover a micro-gram of evidence but certainly will dig up mountains of hearsay and speculation - thus having a showmanship talent is needed to continually spread the word so to speak. To get a alot of things right in the UFO/ET internet information game you have to get a few things wrong. Skeptics and detractors descend upon the few things you get wrong and focus on nothing else thereafter. UFO peers will generally sit on the sideline and watch how you execute maneuvers from your play book. I do recall one of the early instances that rubbed me the wrong way - the comparison of Wilcock to the famous paranormal writer from the 19th century, Edgar Cayce. There is even an image of Cayce's photograph side by side with Wilock's photograph, and this did not sit well with me - it smacked of privilege and destiny. Wilcock later on clarifies this Edgar Cayce comparison in such a well worded manner, it lead me to believe some of the negativity surrounding Wilcock might be just cruel gossip.

Fast forward to the present - Agent K made David Wilcock the Object Report headline and understandably many are wondering what the F is going on? In a nutshell, just because David Wilcock has been, let's say, flamboyant and aggressive in the past does not mean he cannot have struck gold. David is prolific and he covers a lot of ground and is not afraid to put out a lot of material for fear of getting one or two items incorrect. This is a reasonable approach to UFOlogy research writing and he has stuck with his M.O. for many decades. Corey Goode has stated that he picked David to debrief him on his MILAB involvement because of this vast, breathless involvement Wilcock has with all things ET and Paranormal related and I believe that was a brilliant and obvious choice. These two go together like bowling balls and holes. Wilcock is the typical UFO author who is exhausted chasing the leprechaun, depleted from constant ridicule and worn down from the never ending sandblasting of propaganda. Corey Goode is the elusive UFO anti-particle, and likewise Corey is equally exhausted from decades of involvement with MILAB and on pins and needles, knowing there is no turning back now - he's made himself into a sort of UFO superhero and he needs a wing-man to kick some cabal ass. Well, I'm not even sure I believe in a cabal or Illuminati and many people might be surprised to hear Agent D say that. My logic is that members of a cabal would die out eventually, humans live short lives and I just didn't see a global organization composed of a bunch of crusty, bitter billionaires staying so secret and hidden and alive long enough to live up to the legend of the expression "cabal". However, if we swap the word "cabal" with its close inbred cousin "mafia" then one can sink teeth into the idea and it seems more realistic. I can see several mafia type organizations loosely coordinating with other global mafia corporations to control humanity in refined, established ways. US Presidents have mentioned aliens (Reagan) and the Military-Industrial-Complex (Eisenhower) and we know the Federal Reserve is fishy business and Whitley Streiber (The Key) has had Visitors confirm there is a SSP (Secret Space Program) in place as well as off world colonies. So, with these PERPS in mind, we do have loose circumstantial evidence of a "cabal" that influences humanity in negative ways using unseen technology. The notion of a cabal was even written in by Mel Brooks in the famous 1960's comedy TV series "Get Smart" in which the term "Cabal" was swapped with the subtle inference "KAOS".

Now Corey Goode has defected from the Dark Side and is bringing beer and bucket loads of ultra-black fried critters for us to gorge on. For Agent K and Agent D, the initial exposure to Corey Goode has cooked several of our brain fuses and we were left standing in place with our heads smoking trying to determine what just hit us. After the initial elation of listening to the rivoting interview of Wilcock and Corey Goode we have posted as the TOR headline, the hangover morning after, it slowly sunk in that I.....just might....shudder... find something in Corey Goode's online blog that would ruin the dream and bring reality crashing back down. Perhaps I would find some ridiculous or flagrant bit of information known to be terrestrial bullshit based upon our vast agent files. However, I spent several days reviewing all of the material from Goode that is on the internet and though I read hours and hours of impossibly surreal details, I could not find any revelation that was not somehow correlated to something another eyewitness or something a fellow UFO/ET author has said. With a subsequent YouTube video I found of an earlier interview, I thought perhaps Corey and David might implode instantly with the notorious "Planet X" Nibiru theory that makes me want to cringe and puke every time I hear it. However, Goode clarified (phewwww) that he knew nothing of a "Planet X" and went on to elaborate that there is likely a brown dwarf that was once part of an earlier binary star system which eventually became the one sol system we live in today. His speculation that binary star systems are common for life bearing planets has been mentioned from other reliable sources and Goode's delivery of information in almost every instance exceeds the level of some clever, money seeking writer simply regurgitating information in an effort to "keep up" with questions being put forth. Goode not only answers questions quickly, he takes the original question one step further with several layers of information he lays out in a perfect, detached tempo. With everything he has presented I cannot find evidence of superficial trickery. In fact, Corey Goode emanates a sullen sort of depression that one would expect from an ex-spook who has caught glimpse of the vast universe that has so far been veiled from humanity as the "great experiment" comes to a closure.

The singular aspect of Corey Goode that has me convinced he is the real deal, is his reluctant yet persistent message that humanity must become less violent, more "service to others" oriented and we must incorporate love into our quantum co-creative consciousness. Believe me, no UFO blogger or whistle blower wants to put this "love" message out as priority. I do confess however, I would expect nothing less of ultimate cosmic contact than for a finale that reveals benevolent beings to be in charge of our cosmic comedy. I'm not certain why this would be a disappointment for many UFO readers, I can only assume that many of us are skeptical of the idea that some form of Jesus, religion, some old-school God is running the show and I would be worried too, because I'm not a fan of organized religion and redneck bible thumping preachers. However, the facts and reality point to a more complex, infinite holographic matrix that is dominated by multiple benevolent supreme beings who believe in free will and are desperate to protect this great experiment of humanity to see if humanoids will "reach the light" as it were and come out of a state of greed, war and evil on their own. This is all a mind game. Specifically, it is a holographic mind game and we seem to be sleeping gods existing in a holodeck, hologram that by default runs and runs forever in two directions - toward dark destruction - or toward expansion and light. I'm not suggesting everyone light candles and hang up iconography of Saint Goode, but things are looking rather convincing so far and I hope all of you will stay tuned into this thread as events unfold.

- Agent D

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Corey Goode interviewed by David Wilcock on Gaiam TV 
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MILAB Gray Alien Cigar Ship, rendering by Agent D

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