Monday, July 13, 2015


"Sirius" the controversial film by Steven Greer has just hit Netflix and for many, such as myself, this will be the first opportunity to watch the film in its entirety. Yes, Sirius was released some time ago, but how many of us paid to see it when this niche, UFO film was first released? I suspect not too many - so this current Netflix release is closer to an official, public release and thus it's time to have another good look at that freaky, 6-inch humanoid mummy and to once again bask in the light of Dr Greer's brilliant, glowing ego.

I watched Sirius last night at home on my (magnificent) Samsung HD LED TV and I had two discrete thoughts running in 64 bit parallel, the entire time watching Sirius: 1) what an absolute, demonic, insane asylum this planet is and 2) what an ego Dr Greer is in possession of. Medical doctors are legendary for having a God complex and Dr Steven Greer does not disappoint. To his credit, Dr Greer has undertaken quite a task and a good solid ego and serotonin-laden sense of accomplishment is obligatory if you are going to put yourself in the line of fire like he has repeatedly. There is no question, the last few decades were certainly tense and morbid for Greer, as you will learn watching this film. He has ruffled a few shadow government feathers on more than one occasion.

I have never met the man in person, but Dr Greer impresses me as genuine and intelligent, and he is a fantastic public speaker and event organizer who has brought UFO conspiracies closer to public scrutiny in a way that only someone possessing the momentum of a medical license can. He certainly comes across larger than life in (HIS) film and his Arnoldesque physique conjured up the super hero title of "Dr Disclosure" in my brain as I watched this. If I sound a touch jealous or resentful, it's likely because... I am. Whenever I see a big UFO production of this significance and the Object Report isn't mentioned - I feel restless, but the psychoanalysis goes deeper than just being left out of the party. Dr Disclosure in many ways is the antithesis of "Agent D", the alter-ego, mirror-image opposite. For all the muscle-bound, titanium ball'ness that Dr Greer possesses, Agent D possesses an equal, anti-mass amount in utter public absence and anonymity. Agent D is an abstraction that is faceless and mass-less and therefore does not possess any credibility or momentum. Agent K and I deliberately do not exist as real personalities in order that any information transmitted via the Object Report must be interpreted and materialized in the brain of the reader on its own merit. There is no vested personal interest when there is simply no person.

Thanks to the research of hardcore Ufologists like Dr Disclosure - it has been revealed to us that our ongoing ET contact phenomenon is layered and complex and each time we stop and gaze at it, the absolute truth of what is happening remains far off in the distance, shimmering and evolving like a mirage - it's physical, mental, spiritual and existential and beyond words. Many of us feel at some point as if we are chasing the mythical leprechaun pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, thus physically exposing bogey men hiding behind the conspiracy curtain, satisfies a basic human craving for tangible evidence and immediate results - but does it get us closer to the elusive pot of gold? I have been shamelessly pushing on every street corner recently, the notion that everything is simply a vibrating, quantum illusion all taking place in your holographic mind. Everything you see is in this universe of light encoded reality, driven by pure thought and I think we should be careful of becoming trapped in the holodeck program of conspiracy and struggle - convincing ourselves that defeating a hidden enemy will release the ETs from a magic box. This is a scenario I touched on in the last Object Special Report Hyper Infinity. 

Through Sirius, Dr Greer and his production crew successfully filter out enough practical evidence from the vast, white noise and argue their case effectively - that a well entrenched, sinister faction of humanity is currently calling the global shots and suppressing UFO evidence, advanced tech and resisting ET contact with their last, dusty breath. The film Sirius presents a history of Doctor Greer's seemingly super-human work over the last few decades, so we are looking at the UFO phenomenon over a significant length of time. Taking this into consideration, I found the film lacking when it comes to some of the higher echelons of intellect closely woven with ET contact in recent years. I have never truly believed that prying tiny morsels of UFO data from the cold, icy grip of the trillion-dollar-funded shadow government goons would result in disclosure driven ET-Human contact. Not because disclosure isn't relevant, but simply because what is transpiring in the contact phenomenon is multi-dimensional, idiosyncratic and beyond the human ego and human constructs.

It has been suggested on the internet that this tiny mummy is an ET-human hybrid corpse and I believe this is what we are looking at here. I do believe there is Gray DNA involved and if you recall Gray DNA is trans-human DNA that is technically more human than alien - having a parallel reality, human origin. One or two experts speaking during the film strongly suggest this fact but never state it flat out. The evidence presented in Sirius is rather convincing in that this 6 inch mummy is extraordinary, based upon the X-RAY images which suggest the creature has 11 ribs where a human normally has 12 and DNA tests which suggest an abnormally high number of trans-human genetic markers. We also learn through Sirius that it was Dr Greer who coined the phrase "CE5" or close encounter of the fifth kind, which is a "human initiated encounter". Here Agent D and Dr Disclosure share common ground and this, in my opinion, is getting closer to the mathematical function, the galactic formula that points to contact and human technological evolution. Sirius is a great documentary and worth having a watch. 

Agent D