Friday, June 5, 2015


If you medicate yourself suitably and think about infinity intensely, you can just begin to scratch the diamond-coated, Teflon surface of true limitlessness. Woody Allen once said "Eternity is really long, especially toward the end". I meditate on eternal existence from time to time and it terrifies me like nothing else. How can existence go on forever? Forever is impossible. Surely conscious beings eventually run out of things to do. I picture myself in the after-life a trillion, trillion, trillion years in some impossibly far off universe, begging someone to put an end to it - but knowing it can never stop - there is only infinity.

Humans have a problem with the idea of infinity - currently we simply do not understand the relative physics or mechanism of infinity as it relates to consciousness. And then along come the ETs and incorporeal beings who have begun speaking from the beyond, using willing humans as bio-transmitters. But, I can feel the skepticism within the readers visiting The Object Report website, the doubt is thick and gooey and I am bound in that brotherhood of skepticism because quite frankly, being human is being stuck in 3D with a monkey brain within a sphere of fear surrounded by a sea of skeptics which creates a thunderous white noise that permeates and suffocates any small cracks you can chisel out of the status qou. However, lately the holes in the status qou are not being filled in fast enough and the reality matrix of Earth is beginning to bleed 4th dimensional energy. Reality has sprung a leak and it's a gusher. There is a flood of new intelligence pouring through from the higher dimensions  and it's spreading out all around us like liquid nitrogen. I am witnessing in real-time, the hard core skeptics hanging on to the last moment, like that super bug that clings to your car windshield wiper, fighting the blast and hanging on until you feel the impulse to speed up to 80 MPH... and the bug comes loose. They seem to be born to be skeptics like holograms that are programmed to perfectly execute a role in the Universe in order to create the yin yang diversity needed to make reality seem real, and do it seamlessly and flawlessly to such a nuanced level, that even sane people around them will absorb the skepticism, like a virus. The reality is - we are swimming within infinity. 

When forced into their corner, skeptics will break out their most almighty tool and wave it about - they demand an answer to the paranormal question "where is the physical evidence?" This looks reasonable enough and their innocent, shiny question temps you to stick a finger out to touch it, but the demand for physical evidence is impossible to satisfy for everything is made of waves and energy, at the atomic level, the quark level, and beyond - there is no physical. Reality is a vibrating quantum illusion and everyone deep down inside knows this now, because it's being proven through simultaneous scientific disciplines around the globe with results being uploaded to the net. Anyone demanding proof of the paranormal is actually inviting you to step forward and collapse a quantum wave potential that pulls you back into the rabbit hole illusion of belief and disbelief, a perpetual machine. To escape that hopeless wormhole do not believe or disbelieve - do neither. Simply exist and take everything in. The ETs know this escape route and exist in a higher state of being and manipulate physics, vibrations and reality itself. They are transmitting a subtle signal to us, indicating that we can do the same. We can manipulate space-time and mass with our thoughts alone, which sounds too simple but remember everything is vibration, sensation, stimulation and contemplation and it all boils down to intent. In the Universe of holographic quantum light, thought is king. 

I would probably still be susceptible to the white noise if I did not see 3 UFOs myself, have family members who have seen UFOs and have experienced 2 very vivid and in-your-face paranormal, ghosts myself. As I said before here on TOR "I'm way, way, way..... beyond just being a believer" This is a liberating realm to exist in. I take everything in no matter how silly or impossible it strikes me, because I have seen the impossible, at least the impossible according to a large majority of homo-sapiens. I know two things for certain, I have seen three UFOs and I have seen two ghosts, so therefore ETs likely exists and there is certainly life after death. Therefore, it is not difficult for me to connect the third dot, form the triangle and conclude that these dead people and ETs are speaking to us now through living humans to get us ready to fall back into infinity. We are being told, or reminded, that the driving matrix of reality itself is a holographic fractal. I've uploaded to this blog a few 3D renderings of fractals from the net. These shapes look alive and organic, however we are looking at nothing other than mathematics. 

These two words, holographic and fractal, look innocent enough until you mix them together. When you put the two words together to better describe one concept, you have hyper-infinity. Infinity is not just some dark, never ending vastness of eternal void. Our reality is derived from hyper-infinity in which trillions of infinite vibrating universes, spawn off an infinite number of new, slightly different universes. A fractal, spawning off infinite fractals. This is infinity on steroids. Keep in mind, the concept of a holographic-fractal is simply your brain constructing a 3D version of infinity - what is really going on is even far beyond the mind shattering idea of fractaling fractals. We simply can't grasp it. Perhaps, likewise infinity likely can't grasp us mortal humans (like we can grasp ourselves). Fractals are not an alien given concept, the idea of fractals took hold in the 1980's when computers became common enough and powerful enough to render the fractal equations, which of course approach infinity in terms of calculation. We have a strong suggestion from decades of close encounters, near death experiences and abductions that beings from other realms don't in fact use words - but use telepathy which is capable of transferring concepts in a more holographic, multidimensional fashion. Humans do the same in a sense, when we want to convey deep concepts we don't attempt to explain it with words, artists combine the words with sound and light and time to create motion pictures, which can teleport us to other real and imaginary realms (in our heads).

As in the climax of the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind in which the ETs initiate contact with the human scientists, first teaching them to speak through a Universal language of musical tones, the Visitors are here and they are teaching us how to communicate with them using a Universal tone. Linguistics is not an issue for anyone wishing to hear the messages bleeding through the 4th dimensional rupture, because hyper-infinity has produced a perfect, instantaneous, quantum communication matrix that spans all space and time and dimensions and this matrix is conscious beings - what could be more simple? This is verified by ancient text, as Jesus, Buddha, Moses and all other founders of what we would call religion. In this digital internet age with our global, collective consciousness - we can now see, these were mere humans being used as bio-transmitters to bleed through trans-dimensional messages. Some of the messages have been thoroughly twisted and altered over thousands of years as the white noise desperately tries to plug the holes of reality in order to maintain stasis and balance. Their dimensional transmissions this time around are tailored for our contemporary times yet are embedded within the universal mathematical constant that drives infinity. The constant on a hyper-dimensional level is not survival of the fittest, as it is here on Earth, that is our unique planetary evolutionary template. Beyond the physical, in the realm of eternal quantum intelligence, compassion and perpetuation of life are driving factors and curiously almost the exact inverse of the dominant Earth force of fear and fittest. Earth indeed seems to be an isolated ball, a petri dish of free will and seething resentment. It is no surprise when a soft, subtle message from the compassion dimension does manage to bleed through, it comes across to most new ears as too perfect and romantic to actually be true. If these hardened listeners would - like myself - push through the first few waves of repulsion and resistance to the somewhat campy messages, they will discover that the spoken message is far more complex and profound than it first seemed. Highly technical subjects are expanded upon, such as magnetism, gravity, faster than light travel, other dimensions, holographic function, murder, reincarnation (how we get that wrong) and other mind blowing topics such as intentional control of energy, mass and time.

If we do have subtle, trans-dimensional messages beaming in, I do not know what this means in terms of ET contact and the future of the human masses, it could mean nothing at all, at least not until one's death. It could mean everything if ETs show up, and many brilliant writers such as Whitley Strieber and Richard Dolan have expanded upon the scenarios with great vision. The irony here is that billions of humans live and die by the rules of religions which are derived from old, channeled information and yet as the same trans-dimensional beings and signal are again speaking - the masses deny this modern signal based upon their distorted concept of the same quantum signal from the so called "past". Think about that for a moment. - Agent D

Image credits and further resources: (TED SPEAKS)
I came across this TED speaks video, in which a cosmologist explains how, within infinity you can have any possible configuration of mass, --------ANYTHING---------- with big bold capital letters, meaning all scenarios no matter how magical, impossible or complex it seems - it is ALL possible simply because there is an infinite amount of time for mass to randomly assemble in such a configuration. Infinity allows for Infinity to happen. Again, because time-space is an illusion, at the quantum level our minds can access infinity and its seemingly endless, magical diversity.  -Agent D

Comments from Readers:

Hi Eric, 

Thanks for writing in, I think you bring up some great questions. I'll quickly fill in the blanks on some of your questions, but keep in mind that infinity is inherently impossible to get your mind around, there is no way to define something that is limitless. BUT, there is obviously a stable matrix in place that is part of infinity and we can look at the aspect of infinity that we are embedded in and evaluate it as far as our physical abilities will allow us to. We humans are intelligent enough to comprehend the notion of something having no end, and that is a rather profound ability in itself.

Does a fractal or infinity exist because time is relative to it? Everything in the Multiverse (all Universes) exist already. It is holographic and fractal based, meaning the whole of the multiverse is contained within each little point. Everything that ever was, is, or will be is already in existence in the form of a enormous, crystalline, fractal, hologram that has no end. Again, if you could zoom in on a little piece of the fractal we exist in, you would keep zooming in, it would keep changing and never stop, forever. Every little new fractal bud, and the infinite number of buds within that fractal bud spawn off more fractals. 

Can there be a realm of no time which the infinity exists in? Yes, and this is how you can begin to grasp as a human, how unlimited it is. When you remove time, or the idea of the passing of time and motion, you can imagine everything existing at once.

Is Infinity constantly eating up the empty space? I've thought about this empty space notion too, but the most accurate way to describe, is that there is NO empty space, since everything that exists, is already in existence. There is no room for non-existence or space, because everything already IS. 

A realm of no time also being infinite in itself. Yes, and we call this realm of no time the "Now". There is no past, or future there is only the Now for conscious beings. This is how ETs and dead people can all communicate across all realms. The "Now" is the nexus point in which all conscious minds can meet. A Starship or UFO should really be called a "Now" machine, because someone can materialize in our "Now". There is no past or future, just the NOW. This is part of the holographic illusion. Your mind which has no mass ( and therefore no time-space) is processing billions of fractal frames of reality per second. 

So I guess it could just be infinity within infinity, yeah we're a fucking fractal. Exactly, its infinity within infinity within infinity, this isn't some clever thought or far out new age concept were tossing around here, its' cold hard science. Any hologram you can buy in a store, any point within the hologram contains the whole of the hologram at any point. You can cut a hologram in half, and each new half contains the whole of the hologram (Google this). You can keep cutting the hologram in pieces, until you have 10,000 pieces and each piece will be the whole hologram. You can keep cutting the pieces, now start cutting all pieces, simultaneously into sub pieces, with each previous piece and each new piece being cut to form new pieces - what do you have? A fractal. And this Fractal is holographic because it is a hologram infinitely subdividing. 

Just an interesting thought, is there something that exists outside infinity? But that defeats the purpose of it being infinite. Maybe just for a small moment there is something, but the infinite devours it. Like some kind of wall that keeps pumping out a reality. Its probably just nonsense, coming to grips with infinity is challenging. We are being told there is nothing, no empty space, no void, no spawning of something "new", outside of the matrix of EXISTENCE simply because something "popping up" would need to be taking place over TIME. Infinite existence is complete and already present and perfect and self contained and has no time, therefore nothing new can pop up. The concept of something "new" is an illusion that the Universe has managed to pull off, within itself, in the form of conscious, singular beings. As you said, we are living fractals moving through a larger fractal, where we are more finite and hold a constant vibration for a certain duration, but we swim within a greater, constantly shifting, eternal holographic fractal.

- Agent D