Tuesday, June 2, 2015

An Account of One of my Personal Sightings

After reading several accounts over the past few years of people witnessing shadows on the ground that don't correlate to anything in the sky above them, I decided I would come forward with my own first hand experience involving this phenomenon. First, some brief background on this topic. There have been multiple documented cases from around the globe where eyewitnesses have seen an enormous shadow pass over the ground below them on bright, cloudless, sunny days and when they look to the sky to identify what is creating the shadow--there's nothing there. It sounds crazy, but when you see something like this first, hand as I did, it's truly something undeniable.

Richard Gray, who runs the Educating Humanity blog, recently commented on a post from Agent D regarding an eyewitness in Prescott, Arizona who saw a gargantuan shadow pass over his property in the middle of a crystal clear day with blue skies one day prior to the Phoenix Lights event. There was nothing in the sky. This got me thinking about my own sighting and prompted me to do a little further digging to see if anyone else out there has experienced the same thing. Sure enough, there are some really good accounts. 

The Liverpool England Encounter

On June 1st, 1997, there were a series of sightings of a large triangular craft by multiple eyewitnesses. In particular, a pilot flying a private single engine plane near Liverpool was shocked to see the enormous shadow of a triangular shaped object reflected on the ground. Fearful of a collision he scanned the clear blue sky for signs of other aircraft, but saw nothing. Despite this the enormous shadow continued to pace him for several minutes until disappearing from sight. This shadow was so clear and well defined that his immediate concern was whatever was creating it had to have been dangerously close to his aircraft. The plane was traveling at approximately 100 mph while the triangular shadow was moving at about double that speed, 200 mph. There's a video of a reporter interviewing the pilot about his experience here which is worth watching. 

Other Sightings of "Invisible Planes" 

A post to a UFO sightings forum by a person in 2008 describes their amazement at seeing an aircraft-shaped shadow fly directly over them with no sound.
This happened earlier today, while I was sitting at a stoplight. And... it was huge! While I was facing north, a HUGE (roughly) plane-shaped shadow came across the ground, from behind my car. This road was about 4 lanes across, with the median the size of a lane. So I'd say the shadow about 55 feet across. The edges of the "plane shadow" went from one end to the other. I looked ahead to see the plane... but there was nothing, either ahead of me, or to the sides (I thought that the shadow might have been cast diagonally.) Stranger still, I did not hear anything. Let me say that I am used to seeing airplanes, large and small, fly close to the ground. Within 50 miles of me there are 3 major airports (DFW, Love Field, and Alliance) and 4 or 5 smaller ones. Every variety of plane possible flies over my house and city on their takeoff and landing paths. So I know what planes look like when they fly low, and how to get a rough idea of what size of shadow corresponds to what height. More importantly, I know what they sound like.

In 2010 a woman posted on a message board the following question: Can an orbiting satellite cast a distinct shadow? Of course the short answer is, no it cannot. But the reason she was asking the question is what I find interesting.
While pulling weeds from the flowerbeds today, a shadow passed over me. I was looking groundwards, but from my peripheral vision I could tell it was a large shadow. When I looked up, however, not one second after the shadow passed, there was nothing but clear blue sky and a white-hot sun. No plane, no bird, nothing. Is it possible it was a satellite? Could an orbiting satellite of relatively small size cast such a distinct shadow? I guess I would have figured something so comparatively small and distant wouldn't be able to cast an actual shadow, as the light would just diffuse around it. Perhaps that was a poor assumption though, or I'm just going loony or maybe losing my eyesight?

My Personal Eyewitness Account

It was March of 2011 and I was in Houston, Texas visiting one of my clients for a couple days. I was in my rental car on the Hardy Toll Road headed southbound just west of George Bush Intercontinental Airport. I was literally directly below the flight path for inbound flight traffic because I could see multiple commercial airliners all following the same path into the airport up ahead of me. 

Overview of the area showing proximity to the airport
It was close to noon with the sun almost directly overhead, very sparse clouds with a mostly bright blue sky. Traffic was light and I was cruising along at about 70 mph. There's a slight kink in the Hardy Toll Road that bends to the left, straightens out and then bends to the right again. This was the point where I noticed the shadow, during that straight run between the two bends.

Zoomed-in area of sighting
When I spotted the dark area on the road well ahead of me my first thought was 'is that something dark spilled on the road?' Instinctively I let off the accelerator and just began to coast a bit in case it was an oil slick or something. I lived in Houston for many years and I've seen everything you can imagine spilled on the highways, from pig entrails to ping pong balls, so I was wary of what it could be. Oddly enough, I began to see brake lights come on as the cars ahead of me approached this dark spot. Very quickly I realized it was a shadow and not discoloration on the pavement. The brake lights immediately alerted me to the fact that I wasn't the only person seeing this. I craned my neck forward and looked at the sky ahead of me... nothing but blue sky. I slowed down even more while putting down the window and literally sticking my head out the window to look directly above me. Nothing. I quickly look around at other drivers, there's only one person right next to me and she appears to be puzzled by it as well because I could see her leaning forward and looking upward as well. Everyone seemed to slow down as they drove through this shadow, clearly I wasn't imagining this.

This is as accurate of a depiction of the size and darkness level of the shadow as I can remember.

As I pass through the shadow I lock my eyes on it in the rearview mirror--still there, not moving. At this point my mind is racing. I have an appointment with my client to get to on time but my inner voice is screaming PULL OVER NOW!! I direct my attention back to traffic and ease over into the far right shoulder of the highway and pull to a stop and step out with my smartphone in hand. The shadow is gone. Just like that... poof! I scanned the entire sky above the area, nothing. I even took my sunglasses on and off to make sure it wasn't some polarizing effect... nothing. Immediately I think about the proximity to the airport and how potentially dangerous this situation could have been with inbound air traffic which in that area is fairly low to the ground.

As I got back onto the highway my mind started to run through the physics of what I (and others) had just seen. Something that is technically 'invisible' cannot block the suns rays, right? Well, it all depends on your definition of what "cloaked" means. There are two different approaches to "cloaking", the first is the ability to bend light around the surface of an object in which case the rays of light only temporarily diverge around the object much like a smooth stone in middle of a river. Is the area on the downstream side of the stone dry? No, it's still wet because the water just flows around it. However, the second form of cloaking is the ability to project an image of the opposite side of the area above or below an object to the opposing side of said object. For example, the military has been working on active camouflage for aircraft and ground artillery for a number of years. One application is for aircraft which can project the sky above the aircraft onto it's belly using light-emitting skin panels thereby making the plane 'invisible' to ground observers. A great example of this is the augmented reality cloak developed by researchers at the Tachi Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. 


So the big question is whether or not an actively camouflaged object would still create a shadow. Because the cloaked object still occupies actual mass it still blocks photons of light, even if that light is being projected the object itself still blocks the natural light above it. In other words, in order to negate the shadow the light being projected from the object would need to be bright enough to override the blocked light from above. So I can only conclude that whatever this object was that was hovering not far above the highway was utilizing a form of active camouflage which did not bend light around it. Considering it's distinctly saucer shape and the assumption that this might have been 'alien' in origin it doesn't make much sense for the visitors to use something that gives away their presence, right? Odd indeed, but I know what I saw and what others on the road saw that day, and it was a stationary disc-shaped shadow roughly the width of the road.

If anyone else out there has experienced something similar, I would like to hear from you.

Agent K