Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Roswell Kodak Slides

Screenshot from the Youtube video

When I first came across the story of the two recently discovered Roswell Kodak slides on I didn't think too much about it. We've been teased and abused before with Roswell material. The Alien Autopsy video by Ray Santilli from the 90's which most certainly is a hoax has made us all wary. However with this Kodak slide story and each subsequent internet posting I grow more convinced something legitimate is going down and I'm cautiously excited.

We saw the same sort of drum roll and release date hype with other Alien videos. Though I still believe something real is going on with Stan Romanek, the way the "Boo ET" video was rolled out left a bad taste in everyone's mouth and made the release seem profit driven and I don't think Stan and his video ever recovered from that and certainly wasn't taken as seriously as it should have been. With this current Kodak Roswell slide alien it seemed to be the same sort of pre-release hype, but things are looking different here in a good way. Firstly we have a visible, legitimate writer who has possession of the slides. Most importantly here we have more than two slides of the same batch. Art specialists who forensically investigate antique oil paintings and whether a suspected work was produced by a master artist or simply a forgery, use known paintings of the artist in order to establish a precedence of technique and materials. Certain pigments might have been particular to the time and place where the artist lived and certain brush strokes distinguish a master artist across all of his or her works. Here we have a batch of ordinary Kodak slides along with the two alien slides. Experts will have plenty of reference material to establish the date, location, equipment, development and other factors. Given that reproducing authentic early era Kodak slides would be enormously tedious and difficult - we could have expected to see only two slides pop up if this were a low level hoax. On the contrary, we have a whole lot more than two meager slides, we have dozens and dozens and this should bolster the work in the lab to determine if the two alien slides match up and stand up.

Lastly, I'm intrigued by this new YouTube video release which gives us a peak into the 3D recreation of the actual alien in the photograph. Having worked on dozens of ET drawings, my immediate impression of the 3D alien is that it is very consistent with the best of the eyewitness material that has gone before. You never know, maybe hoaxers are just getting better and more skilled at throwing us for a loop but so far this is taking on an air of legitimacy with many clear, transparent facts being offered up in advance of the presentation.

UPDATE: Since posting this report several weeks ago there has been more information forthcoming, including a rather good look at the actual "being" in one of the slides. Unfortunately the being in the slide is rather disappointing. The first impression is that the size looks off. We can see the legs of the woman taking the picture, reflected off the glass casing holding the being. This gives us a size reference and accordingly the being looks utterly minuscule. This usually points to a preserved human with a birth defect that was studied or a mummification process. It doesn't mean it cannot be an ET, but this would be a very, very small being and it doesn't match years of eye witness testimony. However this pans out, in the end I fear we will be tied up with useless speculation because there are just too many ambiguous facets to consider.

UPDATE 2: The slide was proven beyond the shadow of any doubt to be the mummified remains of a Native American child. This case is officially closed.

- Agent D