Monday, August 11, 2014

Telepathic Hybrids and ET Contact

Max Steinberg Ph.D. is the author behind two recent books, Celestial Science and Welcome to Earth, A Guide for Aliens! In his book Celestial Science, Dr Steinberg introduces the alien abduction phenomenon, discusses objectives of the human-ET hybridization program, our ways to help the abductees, and possible involvement of the hybrids on our future. Dr Steinberg takes the notion of contact to the next level discussing possible scenarios of our near future, involvement of different associations of star people, peculiarities of exopolitical workings as can be seen from channelings and reports of contactees. He also highlights involvement of humans in this ongoing process and possible ways for individuals in participating in the formation of their future.

The Object Reporters are going to pick Dr Steinberg's brain today, delving deep into three hot topics, the internet buzzwords of Ufology at the moment - telepathy, Hybrids and ET contact. 

Agent D - Max, I was impressed with the concept of your book Welcome to Earth, A guide for Aliens - the clever title alone is a preview of the outside-the-box thinking going on here. It reminds me of Richard Dolan's book After Disclosure in that it is just one of the topics that must be covered in this time of unfolding contact.

Max - Much of what I do is inspired by Richard Dolan. Richard and I are members of Rochester UFO meetup and he is my role model in many ways. I wrote my first book because of his example of applying scientific thinking to write books on the topic. While Richard was focusing on Earth, I focused on the hybridization program and 4th dimensional biology. While Richard’s sources were government archives, I relied on channelers and abductees. As he was writing his After Disclosure, Richard presented his ideas to our group and this inspired me to write my own version and a sequel Welcome to Earth. Again Richard wrote about what will happen on Earth on day 1 After Disclosure, and I wrote more about what the aliens can do to make the contact better in the first weeks and months after the contact. I also cover what we as light-workers can do to make this ET contact peaceful and successful. I am really thankful to Richard and our UFO meetup for their inspiration and support. The fact that Richard Dolan was initially a writer who successfully ventured into television inspired me to go live on YouTube and create a Human Colony TV YouTube channel which brought together many like minded light-workers. A Guide for Aliens addresses two major concerns we have when dealing with ETs: the fact they are highly telepathic and we are not - and the unfortunate reality that most humans have been brainwashed from birth with misconceptions and outmoded belief systems.

Agent D - Do you feel this is a telepathy issue we humans must overcome and do you believe this is even physically possible for homo sapiens to catch up to our ET cousins to become as telepathic as they are given the fact they appear to have trans-human qualities?

Max - I know the answer pretty well and it would take only one line, but I do need to explain how I know what I know and this ought to be explained properly. There are 3 main sources: testing telepathy in humans experimentally, abductees/contactees and channelers. You see, telepathy can be tested here and this is very solid data. Reports from people who visited the ships are still pretty real and channelings are sort of real but they have the qualities of collective dream. Not everything which sounds solid in channelings manifests here down below. Some things do and many things don’t. It is not only that we speak to other dimensional beings, it is also that our human collective mind collectively decides which of these communications to manifest down here and which to abandon. We are talking about multiple timelines and manifesting collective beliefs into our physical reality. It is quite a different mindset, akin to the mindset of the movie The Matrix. Please understand what we hear from channelers is not individual fantasies, it is our collective dream and a portion of this dream gradually manifests. So when we research these dreams we have to keep in mind that even the most stable patterns in them can change with time. This is the nature of our reality, it is malleable, fluid these days. Yet, we learned much from speaking with 4th dimensional beings via channelers and some messages and explanations from up there make a lot of sense.

So let’s start from the most reliable data – human studies. Would you expect telepathy to be uniform or having many various forms and flavors? Rupert Sheldrake and Dean Radin are two of the best researchers and enlightened scientific writers on this subject. Check out their books on Amazon – they are under $20 and give a great idea of the research on the topic. As Sheldrake noted, one of best examples of telepathy are pets who read our minds. He came up with wonderful, scientifically solid study designed to measure this kind of telepathy. Another sort is telepathy between humans. Imagine yourself being a telepath. How would you communicate best: reading someone’s mind? How deep would you get into the mind? Would it be every thought or only the thoughts intentionally sent to you? What would facilitate the receiving of the thoughts? Do you need to be close to the person, or distance doesn’t matter? Do you need to look at the eyes? Do they need to look you straight in the eye? Would it help if you placed your hands on their head? Would it help to know the person? Would it be working only for very close people? Do the two people have to speak the same language? Would it be a text transmission, or an image or an idea beyond language, or an intent, or an emotion? Would it be any thought or only the thought which is important for both of you? Is using of telepathy for selfish reasons permitted by nature?

I often meet telepaths and offer them a test. I take a playing card, a small object or a picture, look at it and then try to send them an image. I ask them to guess what I am seeing. We then trade roles. You see, since the information transferred is not important, and since we don’t know each other well, the success rate is low. The results are barely above random. Sheldrake and Radin review many well designed studies and demonstrate that there are some people and pairs of people that have a telepathic connection, but our telepathy, although it can be measured, is very tiny. In a sense by design, at this stage we are permitted to see miracles but they are rationed. And here is another thought about the nature of reality – is it really that you read the mind, or maybe you read the future? (telepathy vs. clairvoyance). Maybe it is not that you receive the communication from another person about the card but you receive a glimpse, a few seconds into the future when the card is revealed? Or maybe you change the future to show you the card you want? These are all interesting properties of the matrix we live in… Dean Radin and Lynne McTaggart explain it all pretty well… So in brief, the conclusion from the studies is that some humans down here can read minds and speak telepathically but barely.

Agent D - We have many cases in which human abductees have reported having strong, purely telepathic communications with ETs aboard UFOs and outside of UFOs but in their presence. Is this a possible indication that humans have hidden telepathic abilities after all, as you have just suggested, or could it simply be assistance via an unseen technical means used by the Visitors?

Max - Contactees and abductees tell much about telepathy up there. The aliens can speak telepathically. Some of them look very human. Sometimes they put the thoughts into you when you don’t see them and sometimes you have to see their faces to understand what they speak. Sometimes they speak your language and sometimes they put thoughts into you which are beyond language. It really helps telepathy to be on the ships, most likely because you get into a somewhat higher dimension which is more conducive to telepathy. Communication with the aliens up there helps to retain some of the telepathic talent when coming back to the ground. These are all facts from personal experiences, not channeled. I have hosted an abductee support group for a few years and I have learned much first hand. Some of these interviews I published on YouTube. 

Agent D - Looking back on some of the earliest abduction accounts there were a lot of abductees describing the large, liquid black eyes of the Grays being inches from their face resulting in a strong telepathic mind meld. Since that time, I think a lot of us have associated those big black eyes of the Tall Grays as perhaps biologically aiding in their powerful telepathy. Decades later when the concept of the Hybrid children began to grow clearer with detailed eyewitness descriptions it seems the one common trait all Hybrid children share are very large eyes. Do you feel the large eyes aid in telepathy and the genetics have specifically been passed on to the Hybrid children to boost telepathy?

Max - Yes, but it is a little more complicated than that. Here I don't know an exact answer. At future channeling sessions I will surely ask my galactic friends about that. This is a great question - or many questions: are the Tall Greys the same race as Yahyel? I assume so, but I never asked. I know that the short Greys are Zetas but the Tall ones could be more than one Grey species. But I do know that it is mostly a friendly species of Yahyel who were doing abductions - and they look like Tall Greys although they are said to have a large portion of Earth human DNA. One could also ask, does the size of the eyes really matter? Is it important to be near and look eye to eye to do a mind meld? I suppose not. I am pretty sure the size of the eyes has little to do with telepathy. From my own experience with humans it is just the opposite - the people with highest psychic abilities (which are closely linked to telepathy) actually have smaller eyes on average and also have poor vision. It is pretty typical that for a modern human to become more psychic it really helps to disconnect from the world, see less physically, hear less physically and then one can focus more on higher reality and see and listen more in other dimensions. I also suspect and I believe there were messages that the big eyes of the Greys were genetically engineered to help them see in the dark. We know for sure that for Earth animals it is true - the bigger the pupil, the more photons they can catch and this helps nocturnal animals to survive. Octopuses and deep oceanic fish have huge eyes because they are to see the sparse light not from sun but from bio-luminescent creatures and decayed organics in the dark of the oceanic depth. So my educated guess is that the big eyes of the Greys and other aliens are for better vision and not for telepathy. With that said, I agree and I know that the aliens infuse DNA of various galactic species into Earth human population with the purpose to make us more telepathic. That is the main help we get in our rapid evolution and it is essential for our survival as a species. Another closely related quality which we get with the DNA upgrade is the ability to function in fourth dimensional reality. The whole Earth is shifting towards the fourth dimension - there are so called waves of fourth dimensional energy and these infusions of galactic DNA are a great help to our species. Keep in mind that the whole transition to fourth dimension is estimated to take about 200 years starting around 2012, so we are only seeing glimpses of fourth dimensional reality, much more is coming. The main quality of it - a stronger manifestation of the law of attraction - our thoughts and intentions will manifest stronger, our focus of attention affects the reality now much stronger than it did in the past.

So yes, I believe some humans would receive big eyes from the alien DNA infusions but not as a tool for telepathy but simply as a side effect of DNA upgrades. Especially this should affect people with Yahyel infusions, but also possibly with Pleiadian infusions. With that said, I can not say from personal experience that hybrid humans on Earth have bigger eyes. Those people who I know and who believe are hybrids have normal eyes. By looks I can not even tell which hybrid species DNA do they carry, I believe the percentages of alien DNA are small and they don't manifest too strongly, in general. Historically Northern Europeans carry more Pleiadian DNA, people from India-Middle East and Africa more of Sirian genes and Jews more of Yahyel DNA but these are only slight traits - there is so much mixing together and carrying over of genes that these are only fading traces of past landings and infusions. These days everyone of us is a mix of many races. Everyone has hidden silent dormant abilities which can be uncovered either in this life or in lives of our children. As I said, the aliens predict that this awakening of abilities would happen gradually over 6-8 generations. 

Agent D - So we've established that the size of the eyes might not be a factor in telepathy as we have long suspected, technology might be assisting aboard the ET craft and physical distance between communicating beings is an unknown factor in telepathic signal strength. 

Max - Again, I suspect that the distance is not that important. I've heard many examples which suggest that when they communicate with people transdimensionally, they don't need to be physically in the room, hold a hand and look eyes to eyes. They have technologies to speak to people from distant stars. Channeling is a great example - we have even spoken to Andromedans which are from another galaxy. We routinely speak to people from Pleiades who are located at Pleiades at the time of conversation. And Pleiades are located much farther than our neighbor stars such as of Sirius and Orion constellation. They use some sort of relay technology to traverse the distance, but certainly they don't need to be near. So why would the aliens then come physically and look eye to eye? I guess it might have something to do with Reiki and chakras. Reiki is an energy healing art of placing hands on a patient and balancing their energy flow. Chakras are energy vortexes of our non-physical energy. This energy is often called Qi, Chi, Prana, astral energy and ethereal energy. This energy is again non-physical and serves as an interface between our material body and our multidimensional soul. So while the body is largely 3rd dimensional, it is linked to many other dimensions via Chakras. So the Chakras, although non-physical, are connected to our physical space. A normal human has all sorts of distortions in their energy flow. So for aliens to communicate to us it is necessary to do two things: come down vibrationally from their 4th dimension to us, but only half way. Second, they need to bring us higher in our vibration. That is why they need to re-balance our energy and give us a bit of their high vibration. That is why they temporarily connect their Chakras to our Chakras. To them it is an act of giving love. They give us a glimpse of higher dimensional existence. Many abductees report that their abductions raise their vibration, awaken their psychic and telepathic abilities. This is because they are being regularly pulled up in their vibration. So this is why the aliens need to touch a person and come physically close - I believe they do an energy healing, energize flows and pull the person up dimensionally. As Bashar says, it is an integration experience, but also could be traumatic - we awaken to parts of ourselves which are hidden in the subconscious mind, and we are unaware of its inner workings, meeting another part of ourselves could be traumatic. But also it could be very healing too. It all depends on the angle at which we look at the experience. We define how we perceive the contact. It is up to us whether to take a gift as a gift.

Agent D - More and more, it's beginning to strike me that telepathy is the language of the cosmos. We have been searching for ET radio signals for decades using clumsy, physical gear when perhaps these signals have been coming through loud and clear this entire time if we take the position, as you have just pointed out, that everyone is a potential biological transceiver in this multidimensional holographic matrix. However, most people are skeptical of aliens, telepathy and certainly channeling, at the moment, and are switched "off". Do you see great numbers of people "coming online" so to speak in a telepathic way as inevitable ET contact grows nearer? Does belief or open mindedness have a direct correlation to an individual's telepathic reception and if so would blatant UFO sightings on the scale of the Phoenix Lights possibly raise telepathic levels of humanity as a whole, like a jumper cable to a car battery, so to speak?

Max - Yes, I agree, that humanity is awakening. I am coming across amazing proof of this awakening all the time. Awakening is everywhere, in places where you would expect it least. Say, advertising poster boards on streets, advertisements on television, kindergarten, schools, religious services… Yes, I agree, the perception, the intention, the awareness is absolutely essential for awakening of the abilities. These things go side by side: intellectual awakening, emotional awakening, spiritual awakening and awakening of the abilities. What many people miss is that it is still very important to be successful in life. Nowadays it is not required to go into seclusion to awaken spiritually, just the opposite: it is essential for us to unite into a grassroots community of awakened people and awaken each other. Today's awakening requires us to come together, connect via all means of communication - electronic, physical, touch, common activities, spending time together, simply talking to each other, feeling emotions together - simple obvious things. The definition of success and health changes, but the new success and the new health are needed for awakening. We don't have to be super rich or super strong, but we need to be balanced in our daily life - have simple things and have the energy flow - be in peace with self and friends. Doing things is equally important, acting on highest excitement, being creative and being of service to others. This is a new nature of today's awakening. Telepathy may come now or later, but physical, psychological and social health should go first. The awakening doesn't negate the success, it just redefines it to a less distorted definition. Loving and being loved, teaching and being taught, serving and accepting service - these are simple steps and conditions towards telepathic awakening.

Yes, UFO sightings are of great help. They help intellectual awakening. I have worried for a long time and now I am at peace with the fact that I have never had a UFO sighting in person and never experienced anything that could be considered total proof. I met others that had this, but my galactic friends likely chose to keep me as an untouched reserve - I am likely being tested whether I can be a believer without solid proof, so here I am. I do believe that I know what I know although what I know is deduced and intuited. Whenever I need proof - I go to YouTube to check out the weekly video updates of UFO sightings around the globe - some of these are amazing! And in warm time of the year there are photo and video updates of crop circles - they are very real. In the summer they appear every few days, they are magnificent and many people come and see them in person. Another interesting question is whether we should ask for more sightings? I am pretty sure our galactic friends keep an eye on us and give us globally as many sightings as is good for us. More would cause havoc. So as we awaken globally we will get more. Our job now is self-education and building a community of aware people. We have been given already plenty of knowledge, now it is very important to integrate this knowledge and make it accessible to those who seek it. This is what we are doing right now and I thank you for this opportunity.

Agent D - Max, you've covered several elusive topics in great detail and we appreciate you taking the time to lay out these complex ideas in a digestible format. Object Report Operatives can check out Dr Steinberg's Youtube channel to catch the latest, streaming pre-contact messages from our Galactic neighbors.