Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Contact Clock

The Contact Clock has begun. We can cart away the doomsday clock to gather dust in the archives warehouse and that old energy system of destruction and nuclear holocaust can be dropped into the dust bin. We humans have crossed a quantum threshold and are now entering into a new era. As many reliable contactees have said over and over contact has been here for many many years - but just not on a global awareness scale. However we are now receiving strong information that suggests events and revelation that will make humanity aware that ETs indeed exist is not decades away but merely years away - perhaps even days.

Agents at the Object Report are initiating the Contact Clock because we are 99.999 percent certain through our years of relentless research that there is no other conclusion to reach other than inevitable contact between humanity and beings from other realms. I say other realms because it is our logical reasoning that once this pandoras box is opened, we will not only begin to make contact with what we would call aliens who exist like we do in physical bodies on planets but we will also likely be exposed to beings that live in other states and most likely will be interacting with what we would call "the dead".

Disclosure does not automatically equal contact and likewise ET awareness does not mean all of humanities problems will go away magically and as Richard Dolan has pointed out in his brilliant book "After Disclosure" - quite a few major problems will likely kick off once we have solid proof ETs exist and have been around for a long, long time. Although we can rule out nuclear holocaust we still cannot rule out the possibility of singular atomic detonations. The Object Report agents have initiated the Contact Clock at the same historical hour hand position of the original atomic midnight clock and the next movement of the Contact Clock hand closer toward midnight, or contact, will be an event that reveals to everyone on this planet ETs exist. This event will either force disclosure or make disclosure by the Government irrelevant simply by the sheer shock and scale of the event, i.e... you won't need the Government to tell you what you are seeing before your very eyes.

We predict that after disclosure, A.D., after we know beyond a shadow of a doubt UFOs and ETs exist - the mainstream media and other carpetbaggers will rise to the surface, claiming to have believed in UFOs and ETs all along and will attempt to promote their authority on the subject. During these last days of humanities dark age, and I literally mean last days, we might only have a few moments left in this calm before the storm to give credit to those who had the courage to speak their minds and tell it like it is during a time when it was not only unpopular to speak about UFOs and abductions but literally hazardous to one's health.

- Agent D