Monday, May 12, 2014

Agent K: Personal UFO Sightings

Sighting #1 - Blairstown, New Jersey - June of 1983


Steel camping plate
I was 8 years old living in New Jersey on our family property, it was 1983. My parents owned about 40 acres of farmland in northwestern New Jersey which included a corn field and some grazing land for the cows. I come from an "outdoorsy" family so all of us were (and are) very familiar with camping and everything that comes with it. That said, my first UFO experience was very odd in the sense that the craft almost exactly resembled our stainless steel camping plates. That might seem odd, but when you see what these plates look like it makes much more sense.

At that age I tended to be quite independent and became quite familiar with our property. On this particular day I was out running through the maze of corn field to the west side of our property, at this time of the summer the corn stalks were well above my head and I would spend hours running through them like some sort of outtake from the movie "Signs." I was a weird kid.

On this particular day I exited the corn field and entered a clearing that was furthest from the house, it was mid afternoon with a cloudless crystal clear blue sky, not a cloud to be seen. Upon entering this clearing I remember seeing a glint in the sky and my attention being drawn to this saucer shaped object maybe a thousand feet from my position.

The top of the craft looked exactly like this. This is an illustrative representation of the sighting.
My first thought was 'my mom is teasing me and throwing one of our camping plates into the sky from behind where I'm standing.' So I scanned the terrain around me--but my mother wasn't present. I looked back to the camping plate in the sky above me and there it was, hovering exactly where I left it.

It appeared to be just beyond the treeline behind the corn,
field - I would estimate it's size at 35-40' in diameter.
 My sighting lasted maybe a minute which is a lifetime when it comes to UFO sightings. Even at age 8 I realized that whatever I was seeing wasn't normal and I needed to pay attention to everything I was witnessing. So I did. The UFO hovered in front of me and I was able to discern the details of it clearly. It wasn't perfectly motionless, there was a nearly imperceptible wobble to it. I couldn't tell if it was rotating on it's axis since there were no markings, no windows, no portals and no discernible surface texture, but it definitely wasn't completely motionless. The craft had a very slight convex shape to the bottom and it was quite shiny, almost like a polished reflective hubcab. 

There was absolutely no sound being generated by this object and no visible light or illumination. It was very simply a solid metallic object hovering in the sky--a classic UFO in every sense of the term. As I was observing the craft it began to move very, very slowly to my left. I did one more quick glance around me and when I looked back, my camping plate friend in the sky was gone. POOF.  Just gone. It either cloaked or took off, either way I could no longer see it.

I ran back to the house and told my mom about what I saw and she seemed genuinely interested in my experience and asked me more details about it, which was helpful in solidifying my memory of the event. She was a teacher so it was automatic for her to probe me with detailed questions. It wouldn't be until many years later that I would discover both of my parents had multiple UFO sightings of her own.

Sighting #2 - Sugarloaf Key, Florida - July of 1995


During the time I lived in Florida my older brother and I would make our annual pilgrimage/camping trip to the KOA campground on Sugarloaf Key. At the time we had a Zodiac boat that we would trailer down with us and use to go snorkeling and explore some of the surrounding uninhabited islands in the central Keys. Typically, Florida weather can be unpredictable in the dead of summer and we would usually expect afternoon storms, but on this particular trip we had unusually cool weather and crystal clear skies for July so we planned to take advantage of that.

The KOA Campground on Sugarloaf Key, Florida.

After dinner we took a quick nap and awoke around 3 am to do some skywatching since the entire campsite was pitch black and everyone else was asleep. There was no ambient light and you could literally see the Milky Way stretch from horizon to horizon, our depth of field was astonishing and I felt like I could reach out and pluck individual stars out of the sky. We set up our lounge chairs on the beach and laid them back nearly perpendicular to the sand so we were looking directly upward, each of us with a trusty bottle of Corona within reach.

It wasn't long before we saw our first meteor...then a second within 15 minutes. Once our eyes had fully adjusted to the dark we could start to pick out satellites cruising past, they were extremely faint pinpricks of light that would cruise over at about 3x the speed of a commercial aircraft. I was even able to determine which ones were spinning because they would pulse with reflected light at a regularly timed interval. After seeing half a dozen of these over the span of an hour it was easy to figure out their paths and you could almost anticipate where the next one would come from (this was long before smartphones and satellite tracking apps).

Around 3:30 am we both locked eyes on what we thought was another satellite heading from north to south and I pointed it out to my brother. "There's another one, it's not pulsating though, it's just a dull glow." He spotted it too and we both visually tracked it. Within a few seconds the object literally made a 90 degree turn to the west. There was no deceleration, no bank to the turn, it was an absolute 90 degree turn like a racquet ball bouncing off a 45 degree banked wall. My brother grabbed my arm and squeezed tightly, "DID YOU SEE THAT??!!?"  

"YES--I DID. That just made a 90 degree turn... that's not possible."

As we were tracking it toward the west it made a DEAD STOP in it's tracks and hovered in place for a few seconds before heading BACK in the direction it came from--due east now. When it returned to what seemed to be it's original north-south track it made another 90 degree turn to the south to resume it's original course. This all happened over the course of maybe 30 seconds.

Needless to say, we were both astonished. Satellites do not make abrupt turns like that, stop in place, and then reverse direction, it's literally impossible. We knew what we had just seen was an intelligently controlled craft of some type, definitely not a typical satellite.

Sighting #3 - Carbondale, Illinois - October of 1998



This sighting was actually by my future wife while she was temporarily living in southern Illinois. At this time we had been together for about two and a half years. I was living in a different state at the time so her experience was relayed to me over the phone within an hour of the experience while the details were fresh in her mind.


Date: October 16th, 1998
Location: Between Murphysboro & Carbondale, Illinois on Route 13
Time: Approx. 9:55pm
Original NUFORC sighting report


What follows is her description of the sighting:

"So there I was staring out the window of the car I was riding in. I was in the back seat, (name withheld) was driving and (name withheld) was sitting next to me, but she was looking out the other window. We were on our way back home when I saw this glowing green sphere hovering just above the treeline as we were driving through this area. This object remained in place the entire time I observed it and it never wavered from it's position until I said to my friends "Hey, take a look at this..."  In that moment it took off like it was fired out of a slingshot. It sort of had a very shallow arc to it, like it was following the curvature of the earth."

I asked her some followup questions as well: The green was "neon" in color but not spectacularly bright, more of a solid but diffuse glow. It never blinked or moved erratically and, most importantly,  there was no tail to it like a meteor or bolide would have. Her overall impression was "oh, I guess I just saw a UFO." To this day she's still quite nonchalant about it, but since she's a scientist and a great eyewitness I wanted to include it in this article.

Sighting #4 - Houston, Texas - September of 2009


So there we sat in my car, my wife and I, in a Sonic drive-in parking lot. We were on our way out for a shopping trip in Houston where we lived at the time and we were picking up some on-the-go breakfast. We had placed our order and we were chatting with each other while waiting when my wife noticed what looked to be a black object on the glass of her window (passenger side) so she put it down. Oddly enough, the object was not something on the window but was actually hovering in the sky less than a quarter mile from our position. We had low gray cloud cover that day threatening to rain with about a good 15 mph wind pushing the low cloud cover through the area at a steady rate which made this even more odd considering the fact that this black spherical object was maintaining a perfectly stationary position in the sky.

The Google streetview image for this location just happened to have the exact same weather as the day of our sighting.
This is an illustrative representation of my sighting.
"What is that? Do you think it's a balloon from a car dealership?" said my wife, observing the object intently. "Could be--it would have to be the Jeep dealership based upon our location, so we should check it out once we leave here." I replied.

It was matte black and spherical without any reflective lighting. Based upon it's distance from us I estimate it was roughly the size of a refrigerator, maybe even a very small car. The fact that the clouds moved in on this object and obscured it and then revealed it again in the exact same position alerted us to the fact that this wasn't something normal, it wasn't a car dealership balloon tethered to the ground because it would still move side to side or be pulled in one direction by the wind.

This was an object that was stationary in the sky during a time when the winds were high, and we both made that realization at the same time. My wife said "It hasn't moved and we've been here this entire time, what the hell is that?" She's a Scientist so she doesn't question something like this unless she's entirely convinced it's something that can't be easily explained away. The clouds again obscured it as we were getting our food order and by the time I put the car in reverse my wife said "it's gone, I can't see it now." I scanned the sky as we left the parking lot and found nothing. We immediately drove to the general ground location of where this object would have been, which was about two blocks away. There was nothing there that could have accounted for this object.

So I took it a step further and looked into "black balloon" rentals within the area -- I knew people in the local commercial advertising market in the area -- and I found nothing. In fact, several of the advertisers I made contact with stated that "black doesn't sell" when it comes to things like this, and these are businesses that have utilized inflatable advertisements in the past such as tethered balloons and remote controlled blimps. As we all know, inflatable purple gorillas drive sales, black balloons do not.

So there you have it, my personal UFO sightings in as much detail as possible.

Agent K