Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stan Romanek Has Been Arrested

Alleged ET activity is an extremely polarizing topic. One either believes something phenomenal is afoot or that UFO believers are delusional people. If you think the latter, then your mind will be made up regarding Stan Romanek and the public media will do the rest for you, filling in the blanks. For the small group of people who are suspicious of what is going on with Stan, I'd like to share my impressions on this breaking situation.

Today is the first time I have heard of Stan's jaw dropping legal conundrum but reading a few news reports that are now swarming around the internet it seems this arrest warrant has been around since April of 2013. I believe Stan Romanek has been carefully set up. I concede that he is utterly ruined and his UFO and ET evidence is irretrievably lost as well. Once someone is publicly accused of something as grave as "child porn distribution" they are forever tarnished, even if the accused is later found to be utterly innocent. It cannot be undone. It's like receiving an Academy Award nomination - even if you didn't win you are forever known as an actor who was nominated. Likewise to be accused of child-porn is to be forever remembered as the guy who was "arrested for kiddy porn". Think about what I just typed there. I said "arrested for kiddy porn", I did not say "convicted of kiddy porn". It doesn't matter does it? People will always retain a bit of suspicion and mumble silently under their breath it's just human nature

The ultra black intelligence community is keenly aware of the superconductive power of accusation. These guys know every trick in the book and they are adept in human psychology. Stan has recounted instances of paramilitary goons bursting out of the back of vans in an effort to keep him silent. So, if the goons aren't afraid of beating abductees into silent submission, why not just kill Stan? Because that would not be the most clever course of action. Stan's UFO evidence would remain intact postmortem and attract even more attention if he exited life in a questionable manner. No, the most efficient and damaging blow would be to disable Stan on his feet while simultaneously discrediting his evidence trove. They were successful. Stan could theoretically walk out of court innocent with all charges dismissed but people will from this point onward forever associate Stan with child porn.

Note how the gov icon was yanked! pff

I speculate we will never know the real truth of this accusation against Stan Romanek. The US government coming down on you is unimaginably hopeless. The federal government has unlimited resources to prosecute you into bankrupt submission. We can only speculate about these accusations and what is actually going on. I spent this afternoon sitting in an IKEA cafeteria with one of those pre-sharpened, short pencils making notes on a scrap of paper and I came up with a few points to ponder. Why is it that only abductees and CE4 eyewitnesses report being harassed and threatened by MILAB thugs but very few UFO authors and websites like The Object Report have ever been intimidated? Taking a look at three-letter agencies such as the DEA, this fits their M.O. - go after the suppliers and dealers, not the small time users. Raw, uncut UFO data is treated likewise as a national threat and the most efficient approach would be to go after the big time suppliers. Stan Romanek was a supplier of illicit information. As I mentioned above, Stan was carefully neutralized and placed in a virus vault. But hang on, for only $19.95 we'll throw in collateral intimidation for free! That's right, by dragging Stan out in broad daylight and blowing his brains out with a virtual bullet it has sent a chilling message to other abductees and writers; "this is what happens when you continue to talk about ET's and UFOs."

Stan Romanek's arrest is a complete disaster. What are we going to do about it? Can we do anything about it? I can write this small blog entry and you can keep an open mind irregardless of the dancing shadows the shadow spooks are going to cast in an attempt to deceive and intimidate everyone. Right now this all looks rather dark and grim and I can only imagine how Stan must feel. Perhaps things will take a turn for the better, but I have the sense that someone has made a miscalculation this time around. This could backfire and I urge all of us to remain skeptical of public deriding of abductees and UFO witnesses. Follow this story and keep a broad perspective of what is happening.

Agent D