Thursday, January 9, 2014

Some Winter Cleaning

Agent K and I have begun the new year with a bit of winter cleaning inside The Object Report home page. It's not spring yet but we're going to clean out some clutter as we're both sick and tired of cruising the links we have put up on TOR over the years only to be hit in the face by a big steamy pile of nonsense making the rounds on other UFO portals.

We started The Object Report with the goal of putting up only the best news and stories materializing in the digital aether. We are hesitant to post blurry, fuzzy pics of UFOs or jerky night time videos of lights among other things that have begun to clog up the real UFO stories happening around the world. Disappointingly, quite a few major UFO news outlets don't share this filtering philosophy and seem to be more than happy to post anything that resembles a UFO snippet. It is out of control. Just how out of control it has become is most obvious if you look to Third Phase of Moon, which has become known among serious UFO researchers to be pushing obviously fabricated CGI videos. What really incenses us is the lackadaisical attitude that major news outlets have taken toward following up on their sources. Just recently RT news ran a story where they interviewed Paul Hellyer (a true friend of the Ufology community) and showed videos from Third Phase of Moon during the cut sequences! Are you kidding me!? Other sites are brimming with columns of doomsday nonsense, conspiracy stories that don't make any sense once you do ten minutes worth of research and tons of panic-inducing prepper fodder. Many sites seem anxious, no, desperate to keep readers coming to their sites and obviously must feel the need to post anything to keep their columns stocked with eye candy. The field of Ufology is a tough subject to monetize and at some point to be profitable you have to cross that line. Not all profit sites are like this, there are the luminaries out there who set a great example such as Unknown Country, Earthfiles, The Anomalist, Openminds and of course NUFORC among many others.

As many of you know our content doesn't update so quicky we only post stories or leads we find interesting and truly note worthy. We realize that many of you "get" this and we are glad you are along with us for the ride. So, for the next few weeks we will be removing links to what we have deemed as the "worst offenders" (and they know who they are). This of course is behind the scenes stuff and doesnt really mean anything to our readers, but in a small way its an Object Report Mission Statement and we thought we would share this moment with our loyal readers.

For those of you who are regular readers and/or like-minded contributors with your own Ufology websites, we encourage you to link to us from your respective sites. We're all in this together and this relatively small crowd of serious researchers should stick together, big things are on the horizon...

Happy New Year,
Agent K & Agent D