Thursday, August 29, 2013

Through the Looking Glass: Faster Than Light Explained?

We recently posted on The Object Report a link to a UFOTV presentation about The Scole Experiment which took place in the 1990's in Scole, Norfolk in Great Britain. If you have not already watched that video on Youtube here is the link: Scole Experiments. There is an official Scole website online as well.

The Scole Experiment covered multiple events and techniques which allowed other dimensions and beings to communicate with us on Earth via images, sound and material manifestation and all of them are incredible and apparently authentic. There's no reason to go into the evidence in detail as it is readily available on the web. In this Special Report the focus is on one particular experiment set up by the Scole group that kept me thinking and might just contain valuable insight and revelation. In "Project Alice" a Sony camcorder using Hi8 magnetic film cassettes was set up in such a way using two mirrors so that the camcorder could only record its own view finder.

In short, this created a feedback loop and it is within this feedback loop that something beyond our physical constant was able to inject what I believe might be a faster than light signal. This feedback reflection technology has been known since Plato's time, but now with advancements in technology and electronics, we have the luxury of witnessing this phenomenon with our eyes via the Web and I believe it reveals not only the paranormal to us but also reveals some sort of extra dimensional quantum FTL principle we can actually begin to understand with our 3D monkey brains.

Many of us have stood in front of a dressing mirror which has a mirror directly behind it, seeing within the mirror an infinite reflection that repeats into a distant, dim fade off. This is the same concept with the Sony camcorder filming its own viewfinder - this rig, or setup is a visual recording of a feedback loop. What the Project Alice set up is NOT is an ordinary mode of filming. Ordinarily when one looks at a strip of 35mm film, such as that used to shoot Hollywood films, we see clearly the camera records 24 individual frames per second. This is basically an ordered sequence of discreet snap shots simply viewed one after another. Through linear film we will only, can only see linear information and we can take this one level further in reasoning and say in our vibrational constant we will only see things that exist wholly within our constant.

In essence for any Faster Than Light signal to be perceived at our resonance level, the feedback loop zone of the camcorder acts as a delay amplifier, allowing the signal to gradually vibrate slower and thus interact with the electrons in our Universe. Do keep in mind when we talk about faster than light in this context, we are not talking about moving through space or accelerating - we are looking at a pure data signal coming from a source in another universe or reality that simply has its own constant. What separates the constant of one Universe from another Universe? This is not known, but it likely falls under the concept of a Higgs field or the notion that the Multiverse is a gigantic (if not infinite) spherical fractal, within which exist discreet planes of matter, like layers of an onion. Crop circles seem to suggest the notion of a fractal Multiverse.

There were several other Scole experiments which yielded visual and auditory results that did not involve an amplifier device, such as the role of 35mm camera film that contained apparently hand written text and drawings. This suggests that there are other means of receiving an FTL signal or it could suggest the beings on the other side have their own equipment or technology or that this spiritual realm is not a faster than light realm. If we live in a Multiverse, then there would exist worlds within other Universes that vibrate more slowly than we do. However, experiencers who have had interaction with higher beings provide evidence that the "All" or radiant source of all that is, indeed has other dimensions which vibrate at a higher frequency than our constant.

Could it be so simple? Scientists tend to get touchy when someone suggests a faster than light possibility but we must keep in mind serious discussion is already being given to the notion of faster than light travel involving the warping of the space-time fabric. Einstein's "Spooky Interaction at a Distance" has already been repeated many times over in several labs, suggesting information can be transmitted instantly across any distance. Now we can add the mental image of this Project Alice feedback loop amplifier to the spinning plates in our heads, along side the warp engine and spooky interaction teleportation.

Lastly, here is an incredible conversation on this topic in much greater depth in a Coast to Coast AM show with Joshua P. Warren who does a superb job of explaining all of this.

Matter is a wave: Gabriel LaFreniere
Official Scole Website:

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