Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Black Triangle Sighting: Franklin, Tennessee

We have received another detailed report of a black triangle UFO. This time the sighting is all the way on the other side of the country in Franklin, Tennessee. This eye witness contacted the Object Report after doing a Google image search for black triangle and subsequently contacted TOR with a good, detailed email of what he saw. This witness provided a (highly) verifiable email which includes an avatar head shot. The witness also provided detailed photos of his house and the location of the black triangle sighting. I am highly confident in the integrity of the eye witness. This eye witness has done such a thorough job with his description, to the point of providing on site photographs with clever overlays and text notes, that I do not feel I need to elaborate much further. The final image at bottom is an illustration by the Object Report which is based on his notes as follow:

Good afternoon,  

In all my 45 years I thought I would never have the opportunity to say this, but last night I saw a UFO. More specifically, I saw a black triangle.

Let me just state that this is probably going to be one of the most boring reports that you have received, but I felt I should share it none-the-less.

Last night, 5/14/2013, between 2045 and 2100 central time, I opened my front door to let my dog outside.  I followed her, and just like always, I happened to look up into the sky.  There it was, moving swiftly and silently, directly over my home.

My first thought was that it was some type of drone aircraft, then I immediately realized I heard no sound.  What truly caught and kept my attention was the lighted tips of the object, which formed a perfect triangle.  Also, the lights were not very bright, however they were white (non-colored).  All three lights seemed to radiate at the same intensity, and the best way I can describe it is as if a dimmer light switch is adjusted to about 70%.

Another thing struck me as interesting is that it was flying in a "skewed" position.  Let me try to describe.  If you imagine an airplane, with a light at the nose and a light at the end of each wing, the light at the nose will always be in the lead, and the wing lights will always stay equidistant in their position, and  uniform as the plane moves forward.  The same would be true if there was no light on the nose, but two lights at the tips of the wing and one on the tail.  From a view on the ground, the flat side with the two lights at the tips/edges would be moving forward (in the lead), followed by the light at the tail.  

This object flew forward as if it was turned at about 30 degrees off the center axis, so I could not tell what was in the "lead".  It only kept its  uniform,  steady shape as it flew.  

This entire sighting lasted approximately 10 seconds.  Of course, I had no camera with me, and I did run in and inform my wife of what I saw, and unfortunately there were no other witnesses. 

I have always had a historical fascination with "stuff" like this.  I had read enough non fiction about such instances to know that black triangles and the "cigar" shaped crafts are some of the most recognized shapes that have been recorded. So, I knew exactly what it was when I saw it.  

After I told my wife, I immediately googled "black triangle with lighted tips", and your sight was one of the first to be returned, so I clicked it.

I read the lengthy article and I want to try to contribute best I can to what I saw:  First here is that link:

I sent an email to the eye witness asking him a few standard questions and this is his second email sent to The Object Report:

Shape: What I saw was most closely described as what you have in this link as Fig 5. First version of tip lights illustration.  The tips definitely seemed a little rounded, not pointed.

Speed: well, I could not judge the speed but it seemed to be moving swiftly for the sighting to only last for about 10 seconds, especially from the point of view I had.  

Size: If you take a silver dollar out of your pocket and hold it between your index finger and thumb, and then extend your arm above you and look at the flat side of the coin, that is approximately how large the object appeared from my ground perspective.  I have read that some witnesses state that these things are very, very large.  Well, if they are, then from my view (size of a silver dollar), it was fairly high up.

Other features: Some articles I have seen reference a light (red) in the center of the underside of the craft.  There were no other lights visible on the object that I saw.

Direction:  I found my home on Google Maps and judging by its direction, it was traveling due north.  If you continue due north from Franklin TN, you will pass by the western edge of the city limits of Nashville.

I hope this helps for your records.  Again, I never thought I would be reporting anything such as this, so this has truly been a fun exercise.  However, if you do need any more information, I will be happy to help.  I just wish I had more to share.  

Most sincerely,

(witness name has been hidden by AgentD)

Attachments that were provided to us by the eye witness. Some images have been cropped or modified for privacy reasons. 

CLICK on image for larger version

(Text notes written on photograph by eye witness)

(Map as provided by eye witness - with his notes)

CLICK for larger image - HD image available upon request

I'd like to thank this eye witness for providing The Object Report with his sighting and using his real name. He provided a great deal of his time and energy and detailed graphics and notes.

Agent D