Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Mystery of the Anasazi: A Personal Account

So I'm going to digress a bit from the usual Object Report content to recount a rather recent story that I feel has some merit to it. Much like Agent D, I don't discuss things like this unless I feel it's prudent and valid.

I spend a great deal of time exploring the American southwest since I reside there. Not too long ago I took an acquaintance on a backcountry jeep excursion through Canyon de Chelly in Chinle, AZ. About 6 hours into the trip, and after much sharing and bonding about respecting the people of the land with our well traveled and older American Indian guide (name withheld), I asked a very simple question, as I often do.

I said, "What's the most bizarre and strange thing you've ever encountered out here? Doesn't matter what it is... just totally weird."  

Our guide was quiet for a moment, just the sound of the jeep tires splashing through the muddy waters of the recently flooded riverbed. And here's how the conversation went, verbatim...

"Well... my grandfather told me a story once that I'm still not sure I believe, but he was a gambler and enjoyed his liquor, so I don't know..."

Me: "What did he say?"

"He lived deep within the canyon, what you see here is only a fraction of what you know of the canyon. He lived way back inside on his patch of land with some sheep. He had to hike down from his hogan on the top of the mesa into the bottom of the canyon to tend to the sheep every day. It was a difficult climb. One day while he was in the canyon he saw two people waving to him from a distance, they were dressed in traditional clothes and he initially thought they were part of some tourist related re-enactment or something like that. Nobody dressed like that, it was modern times, you know. He walked over to them and they spoke to him in the ancient tongue."

At this point I asked our guide what "ancient tongue" meant and the reply was;

"You know how someone that speaks Spanish can speak to another Spanish person and only understand part of what they're saying because they're from a different country? A different dialect? Well, it's sort of like that. He could only partially understand what they were saying, like... broken english for you?"

Me: "Yes, I understand what you mean. What did these people look like?"

"He said they were very small, less than five feet tall, and they were very curious of him, but also very cautious. He told me that he suddenly realized at that moment that they were the 'ancient ones', what you know as the Anasazi. He told me that he said to them 'You should come out and join us, we will accept you into our nation.' But they refused and said others would 'study them' and 'disrupt' their way of life, so they had to remain hidden. They contacted him out of curiosity since they had been watching him climb in and out of the canyon for quite some time."  

At this point our guide attempted to elaborate on what he meant by 'study them' which our guide compared to a news station suddenly knocking at your front door and wanting to film your day to day life. These people--regardless of who they are--were very secretive and didn't want to be messed with. Fair enough.

He continued on with, "My grandfather asked them how they could have remained hidden for so long and he said that one of them placed his hand on the rock wall and said 'we live behind these walls as we always have.'"

Me:  "Wow. That's a pretty big statement to make."

"My grandfather may have been a gambler and a drunk, but he wasn't a liar. I know that much."

Sounds like a native American tall tale told to a tourist, right? Of course it does. So why would I bother writing about this? Because I looked this person in the eyes and I knew they weren't lying to me. This person truly believed their grandfathers story beyond the shadow of a doubt and I have to respect that.

There are unanswered questions out there, not just in the field of ufology or cryptozoology, but in our existence as a species. There are many races who have come and gone long before us. We're not the first kids on the block, nor will we be the last. We should never falter in our pursuit of answers to these questions we keep asking ourselves. We owe it to US.

Agent K