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Hypothetical Origin of the Unidentified "Phoenix Boomerang" Craft (Updated)

One possible configuration of the huge "boomerang" shaped craft seen by hundreds of people in multiple states over the past decade. (download full sized image)

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TR6 "TELOS" Hypothetical Origin of the "Phoenix Boomerang" Craft
The TR6 “TELOS” is designed for use as a transatmospheric, low observable reconnaissance platform with global reach and a long loiter time over target. Employing active electromagnetic, electronic and visual camouflage it is able to penetrate all currently known defensive systems from transorbital height.

The TR6 utilizes five electrogravitic generators for propulsion and is considered a “VTOL” craft not needing a runway. The landing gear is strictly for maneuvering while on the ground. The wings fold for hangar stowage. Currently there are only a handful of hangars in the world that can accept the TR6, with most of them in the US.

The entire airframe acts as a multi-band communications relay capable of directly interfacing with all current US military satellite networks. The skin employs active visual camouflage using a ‘starfield’ lighting pattern along with other active stealth techniques. The TELOS platform is also capable of operating in space as well as docking with military space stations via a ventral docking hatch.

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UPDATE: An actual eyewitness has come forward with their firsthand account of seeing one of these "boomerangs" in broad daylight. The witness has given The Object Report exclusive permission to post their description here....
Agent K,

These are the facts about my visual encounter with the "Telos TR6".

I acquired my first telescope on 02/23/2012. 4 days later while setting up my telescope early in the evening I looked up in the sky and saw an amazing sight. I observed an "inverted flying wing" flying very high, very slowly and generating no discernable noise. Prior to that night I was not a believer in UFO's, but the sight was so amazing I was compelled to search for an answer to what I had seen that night. I searched high and low on the internet and in books for answers, but I could not find a single flying wing that kept the dimensions of what I saw that day, nor one that was inverted.

I came across your website recently and over the last few months I have read many of your articles. Then last week I saw the schematic and rendering of the "TR6 Telos". It had the exact proper dimensions, and with the speculation of "electrogravitic" flight, I thought that could explain how it flew so slowly, and "backwards".

Here are the details of that night:

My Location: (address withheld) Roseville, CA, In the backyard. See specific coordinates of exact location below.

(exact coordinates withheld by request of eyewitness) - Elevation 132 ft

Time: 6:52pm PST

Location of craft: SSE sky, approximately 60 degrees up in the sky, just under and to my right of Canis Majoris (Sirius). 

Trajectory of the craft: The craft was initially sighted heading out of the SSE, on a NNW heading and moved very slowly and appeared to be vey high in the sky. The craft was an earth tone, either grey or very light brown. It's apparent size was approximately 2.5"- 3" and it generated no detectable sound whatsoever. It flew as an inverted wing and appeared to defy physical laws of jet propulsion.

It travelled until it was almost over me, and then veered tightly to the SW, with minimal tilting of it's body, again defying jet propulsion laws. It moved extremely slow. It was as if it was gliding and ascending at the same time. As it began it's due west trajectory it flew for another minute and a half at which point I lost my visual. When I lost the craft it was headed towards Fiddyment Field, James Brother airport and what would have been possibly Yolo county.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you.
My first response follows...

(Name withheld),

Excellent information. I have a few more questions for you;

1) Did you notice any type of lighting configuration?

2) Could you hazard a guess as to it's approximate altitude or was it too difficult to tell due to the environmental conditions?

3) Being a boomerang/flying wing shape, would you say the angle sweep to the wings was a perfect 90 degree angle (like my TR6 illustration) or was it a wider sweep like the B-2 Spirit?

Looking at Google Earth I noticed that Roseville is about 35 miles due south of Beale AFB, which IF a TR program such as this existed--Beale would be in the top 2 or 3 bases in the country where it would operate from. My only hesitation is that there doesn't look to be a hangar quite large enough to stow something this big at Beale (even with folded wings), unless it's not quite as big as people describe it as being? People get excited in the moment of seeing something so strange and sometimes their sense of dimension and distance can be exaggerated.

Would you mind if I posted your firsthand description to the TR6 illustration page? I will of course withhold your name, location and any personal details. I think it would add to the posting to have an "eyewitness" account.

Thank you,

Agent K

Eyewitness' second response follows...

Agent K… I would be okay with you posting my description.

Some extra detail I remember, there appeared to be paneling. As if it wasn’t one solid piece. I understand as an amateur astronomer people often create details in their mind that can be seen in their eyes, but I remember that it didn’t seem like a solid piece of metal floating around. It looked real to me.

Here are the answers to your questions:

1.       There were no lights that I could see to my best recollection. I’ve tried hard to keep this within my memory. It was years ago, and the facts I have stated are definitely accurate. If I refrain from speaking definitely on this detail it’s only to make sure that every detail I’m giving is exactly accurate.

2.       The altitude was very hard to fathom. Usually I know how big an object is so I can tell how far it might be, or I can listen to its engine to gauge it’s distance by listening to the sound as it passes. I would have put it at approximately 1,000-3,000 feet high, and I was thinking the size estimate could be reduced or enlarged based upon those terms. Unfortunately I can’t do much better than 1,000-3,000 feet based off of what I saw.

3.       The angle of the wingspan was absolutely between 90 degrees and 110 degrees. It was not wider than that. I remember specifically because it looked almost like a perfect right angle.

I wish I could put together a computer model of the event so better estimates could be taken. I’m not that saavy… Nor do I have the tech.

Thanks for your time. I’m still available for questions if you need further info.
End of report...