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The Nordic Blondes

There is no questioning the Grays take center stage as the most iconic ETs of all time. Giving the Grays a good run for their money are the Nordic Blondes who hold their own ground in terms of popularity and in many ways occupy the most time in our human psyche and imagination - looking as though they stepped straight out of a Led Zeppelin song. Like our Tall Grays, the Nordics, aka the Blondes, hold a unique Ufology position in that they have been seen in the flesh and blood by several credible eyewitnesses - Travis Walton, Jessie Roestenberg and Whitley Strieber just to rattle off a few names. 

The Blondes have been encountered by multiple, extremely credible, on record eyewitnesses and the description of their appearance has been consistent. They are described as beautiful, perfect, human-like beings standing up to seven feet tall with long, golden-white hair, high foreheads, blue eyes and perfectly tanned skin. They are very muscular and appear as if to be specimens of physical perfection. We are able to recreate their physical appearance using software thanks to the eyewitnesses who were mere feet away from these beings. Probably the most well known Nordic eyewitness is Travis Walton of "Fire in the Sky" fame. Another extremely credible witness who has gone on public record to describe her encounter with the Blondes is Jessie Roestenberg who lives in the United Kingdom and first went on film to describe her encounter in 1954. There are many other credible eyewitnesses who have seen the Blondes and several cases in which there has been communication between these apparent super beings and mortal humans.

Where Are They From?

These impressive beings go by several names, the Blondes, The Nordics and they are also sometimes referred to as the Pleiadians. The actual Pleiades is an open star cluster about 400 light-years from Earth. It consists of 7 stars that are visible to the naked eye and a handful that are too dim to see without a telescope. The cluster is very young, no more than 150 million years old. Though we know the location of the Pleiadian system, we do not know for certain what time period the Blondes are from. In all likelihood the Blondes do not share our current relativistic time frame or even Universe. They could be from a parallel reality that is extremely similar to our dimension but simply in another parallel dimension, which of course would place them outside of our time utterly. If one finds the notion of an infinite number of parallel realities difficult to swallow, consider the alternative. If there is only one universe then you can splay out your entire existence and view it from start to finish as a light cone and looking at your one linear existence as such means your life is on rails, carved in stone, one direction with no choice or variation. Given that infinity indeed does exist there is the likelihood that the Universe holds infinite possibilities which play out through infinite parallel realities. 

Do Blondes Share Human DNA?

The most obvious question considering that no other beings look so similar (that we know of) to humans as the Blondes, naturally we have to assume there is indeed a genetic connection. It could be a simple cosmic coincidence that alien beings who have evolved on a planet far far away are simply visiting us and they appear nearly identical to Humans. However, the level of interaction of the Blondes with humans appears to go beyond mere coincidence and we must consider the Blondes have been seen, over and over again, across decades in multiple locations. They certainly were not just passing by. Information gleaned from eyewitnesses goes along the lines that the Blondes are indeed original contributors to the Human genome going back into ancient Earth history hundreds of thousands of years. They are from the stars and we are the children who possess a great deal of Blonde DNA, perhaps with DNA from other non-Earth beings as well. There are certainly many races who do not possess Blonde hair, blue eyes and stand nearly seven feet tall, so the extent of this DNA contribution is likely best described as passing on humanoid characteristics, i.e. two legs, five fingers, hair - in general more refined humanoid qualities. We indeed are sapiens, but we are homo-sapiens and possess a certain refinement and intellectual boost above our ape cousins. Did our intellectual and aesthetic boost come from the Nordics and others? Consciousness makes all the difference in the world - pun intended.

What Technology Do They Possess?

Rendering of Nordic craft based upon eyewitness description
We can positively identify what the Blondes wear: skin-tight, blue jumpsuits and Jessie saw two beings wearing clear round helmets inside their craft. Helmets being worn inside a craft would suggest the Blondes are flesh and blood and need a particular atmosphere - they are not holograms or robots. They have been seen aboard a 'Mexican hat' shaped UFO and Travis Walton encountered a male and a female Blonde aboard a large craft which appeared to be a mothership-sized cigar based upon what he could see of the interior space. This massive craft housed several smaller round craft, hovering inside in a row. These small round craft are often reportedly seen flying out of a larger cigar shaped ship while darting around impossibly fast. Interestingly, it appears we have actual footage of large cigar UFO hovering in the skies in broad daylight and exhibiting highly strange visual phenomenon which are likely the result of powerful electromagnetic fields or perhaps even fields operating on a quantum level, affecting time and space. 

Why are they here?

Do the Blondes need anything from us would be a more exact question. Given their physical perfection, advanced technology, ability to move across the stars, telepathy and likely unlimited access to an advanced form of energy - it is highly unlikely they need anything materialistically from Earth or humans. Each day we learn there are millions if not billions of Earth like planets in the Galaxy and thus planetary resources are likely not scarce to space faring civilizations. Going with the general consensus of what we think we know of how the Visitors think, their level of interest is on a higher level of morality and discipline. War and profit does not seem to be a prime motivator of the Visitors and when we say Visitors we speak of The Grays, Reptilians, Blondes, Mantids and Hybrids. If war and profit are not motivators the only thing left is benevolent interest in our spiritual advancement as a species. I would also include scientific interest under this umbrella of benevolence. With that said, there is the possibility the Blondes do need something from us - and that being us. There is the issue of the Hybrid program which requires human DNA from this current living generation and this is perhaps our last question to ponder. Are the Blondes involved in the Hybridization Program? We can answer this question with a definitive YES. We have a CE4 eyewitness who has seen the Blondes and had interaction with a being who appeared to be a Hybrid possessing Blonde and Gray alien characteristics.


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The Top 20 Most Significant Pieces of UFO Footage

What follows is a collection of what we consider to be the top 20 pieces of authentic UFO footage taken to date. Many of these videos are just that -- video tapes which have been converted to digital format from two or three generations of copies. Some of these pieces are older and challenging to follow, but I have seen first-generation copies of many of these clips myself, and I assure you that these are not hoaxes or CGI. Older footage is great for a number of reasons, the likelihood of it not being a hoax due to the lack of digital technology being the primary reason.

We subjected each of these videos to the same set of evaluation criteria which consisted of the following;
  • Age of the footage - older pieces tend to hold more weight as they are less likely to be CGI.
  • Source of the footage - video from NASA shuttle missions and military footage hold more weight due to their inherent credibility.
  • Length of the footage - hoaxers tend not to go to great lengths when creating fake footage, typically they run less than a minute.
  • Analysis by independent sources - if the footage has been analyzed by MUFON researchers or individuals like Dr. Bruce Maccabee, then it tends to hold more credibility.

1) The Nellis Test Range radar tracking site footage (Late November, 1994):

In February 1995 the American TV show 'Hard Copy' broadcast a videotape showing an unidentified object flying over a North American military test range. Further footage was shown the following December on the 'Sightings' TV show. The videotape had apparently been filmed by a high-tech Air Force surveillance camera at an undisclosed location within the Nellis Air Force Base Bombing and Gunnery Range Complex in Nevada, often referred to as the Nellis Test Range. Some of our readers may be familiar with this footage and some may not. It's sort of the "Winnebago Man" of UFO videos. Everyone out there has seen it at one point or another, and everyone unanimously agrees that it's completely bizarre. The fact that it is actual military footage and it's been verified and vetted by multiple researchers puts this in a class by itself. The videotape is said to have been smuggled out by a contractor who had previously operated radar tracking stations on the Nellis range. Copies of the videotape were sold to Paramount Studios (producers of 'Hard Copy' and 'Sightings') by a former Air Force employee, although apparently he had not witnessed the object himself.

Two sections of videotape showing the UFO have come to light. The first section was filmed from a location known as S-30, according to the camera's data display. This shows the object initially as an indistinct 'blob' flying in front of a distant mountain range, before it turns and heads towards the camera location. The camera operator struggles to keep the object within shot as it approaches, and it soon becomes clear that it's a morphing object with four distinctive 'lobes' and a dark region at the front. As it nears, it turns to face the tracking station for several seconds, as if performing some kind of surveillance, before it turns away and departs. This footage is of special importance because the voices of the camera operators at the tracking station can be heard on the noisy soundtrack. Their bewilderment at the unexpected appearance of the UFO is clearly audible. "What the hell is it?" one of them says; "Where'd it come from?" asks the other. For in-depth analysis of this footage, take a look at Martin J. Powell's excellent breakdown here.

2) NASA's STS-80 Mission UFO atmospheric entry and hovering footage (November 19, 1996):

We consider NASA footage to be the gold standard when it comes to UFO's. It comes directly from the source, untampered with. Most of the infamous STS footage was recorded throughout the late 90's and early 2000's by a guy named Jeff Challender who was an ex-TV station camera operator in California. Jeff managed to record literally hundreds of hours of direct feed footage from the Shuttle missions and the ISS via NASA Select TV, later on he would pour over the footage and pull out anything anomalous. One particularly bizarre piece of footage came from the STS-80 mission in November of 1996. The mission was the longest Shuttle mission ever flown at 17 days, 15 hours, and 53 minutes. In this footage we can clearly see multiple objects entering and leaving the upper atmosphere, but the clearest of all objects enters the picture around 3:35 in the clip. It's coming from space and enters the upper atmosphere at about 3:55 with what looks to be a very bright plasma field around it. At this point the object actually decelerates and holds a stationary position within the upper atmosphere. We see other smaller objects tracking directly above this larger object, in low earth orbit. At 4:42 another object can be seen moving just beneath the tops of the thunderstorm clouds. At the 5:00 mark yet another object enters the atmosphere with the same plasma field around it. Obviously, there's a lot going on in this video and the camera operator seems to be just as interested in this activity as we are. This footage will remain one of the most important pieces of NASA footage ever revealed to the public. 

3) The Kumburgaz, Turkey UFO footage with occupants recorded by a security guard (May 15, 2009): 


This footage from Turkey clearly shows alien occupants making it one of the top recordings to date. The footage has been analyzed by Dr. Roger Leir, author of "Alien Scalpel," and he has been called one of the fields leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of Ufology. He and his surgical team have performed nine surgeries on alleged alien abductees. This resulted in the removal of ten separate and distinct objects suspected of being alien implants. These objects have been scientifically investigated by some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world. Their findings have been baffling and some comparisons have been made to meteorite samples. He has also formed a non-profit organization for this purpose called "A & S Research, Inc." The video above is the uncut original footage taken by the security guard, click here to see the video with Dr. Leir's own analysis.

Animation of possible ET occupant by The Object Report
At first, the videos were analyzed and made public by the SIRIUS UFO organization, directed by the researcher Haktan Akdogan. This case made big news in Turkey and in other countries as well. It also started a great debate between the official members of the Turkish scientific community. Specifically the NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR THE STUDY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (TUBITAK) got interested in analyzing the original footage, with the intention of determining that the video was nothing more than a hoax, gambling on the idea of scale models, toys, or CGI. The original tape was handed to the TUBITAK representatives on live TV in their own headquarters. Once the analysis was concluded, they gave an official report which can be summarized as such:

"The objects observed on the images have a structure made of a specific material and are definitely not any kind of CGI animation or in any means a type of special effects used for simulation in a studio or for video effects. So the conclusion of this report is that the observations are not a model, marquette, or a fraud." The official report ended with, "it's concluded that the objects observed have a physical structure and are made of materials that don't belong to any category of (airplanes, helicopters, meteors, Venus, Mars, satellites, artificial lights, Chinese lanterns, etc.) and that it mostly fits in the category of UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects of unknown origin)". (source)

4) Glowing UFO crashing in an unidentified desert region (date unknown):


Even though there isn't much to go on in regards to this footage, it is significant for a number of reasons. Namely, it's an older piece of footage which is almost certainly not CGI or a hoax, and the behavior of the object is quite astonishing. When it first impacts the ground it skips like a stone across the surface of the water. It is clearly glowing intensely with energy and we cannot see wings, fins or any other semblance of an aircraft or missile fuselage. When it impacts the ground the second time it breaks up into multiple glowing pieces. The videographer appears to be in a moving vehicle as we see telephone poles moving between the camera and the object. When you watch as much UFO footage as we do, certain videos speak to you and I feel this is a genuine piece of UFO crash footage. If anyone out there has more information regarding this film, please contact us

5) STS-48: the 'abrupt turn' footage (September 12, 1991):


There has been a great deal of analysis and discussion of this particular STS footage by a number of professional researchers in the field, so I'm not going to go into too much discussion about this one. Suffice it to say, this is NOT a piece of ice being blasted by a reaction control thruster as noted debunker and close-minded jackass James Oberg would have you believe. The footage speaks for itself, but if you would like more in-depth analysis check out the diagram and analysis of the footage by MUFON Australia.

6) STS-63: Dozens of UFOs seen while Mission Control looks for MIR (February 3, 1995):


This is an absolutely insane piece of footage from the STS-63 shuttle mission. Mission Control is helping the shuttle locate the MIR space station through what appears to be an entire cloud of debris and objects. Some of these objects move about on their own, independently while others appear to be stationary. It's almost comical because Mission Control and the shuttle crew have a very difficult time spotting MIR amongst all of the other objects and you can tell they're trying their best to remain calm and professional throughout the sequence. You may have to watch this footage multiple times in order to catch all the action.  

7) The Phoenix Lights mass sighting event (March 13, 1997):


I won't go into too much depth on this event since, much like Roswell, everyone and their grandmother knows what happened in the skies over Phoenix, Arizona on the night of March 13th, 1997. If you aren't familiar with the Phoenix Lights, you can read a good summary of the event here. We have since learned, via several different sources in the field as well as abductees we have worked with, that this was viewed as a test the waters, first-contact event by the Visitors. It was considered a "mass witness" event by MUFON and achieved global notoriety at the time, with then-governor of AZ Fife Symington making a mockery of the entire thing. He would later go on the record and admit that he himself in fact saw the enormous, silent, boomerang shaped craft with his own eyes and he lied to the people of Phoenix about it at the time. There was initially some confusion regarding whether these lights were flares being dropped at a nearby military test range, but this was later clarified in the official MUFON report as well as the UFO documentary "Out Of The Blue" directed by James Fox.

8) Greifswald, Germany UFO cluster filmed from multiple angles (August 24, 1990):


This footage is particularly significant because of several factors: it was recorded by multiple people from multiple different vantage points, and the event lasted for several hours which rules out flares or Chinese lanterns. The footage was recorded on August 24, 1990 from the Greifswald Nuclear power plant in Greifswald, East Germany. East German and Russian personnel working at the nuclear power plant recorded these clusters of UFOs as they appeared to group in the sky over a very sensitive location. At times, the group is approached by other lights travelling across the sky until they join the larger group. Four amateur videos were taken from different vantage points: 1) Greifswald: Jürgen Luchterhand, 2) Greifswald, Mendeleyev-Str. 12: Ludmilla Ivanova M.D., 3) Greifswald, not far away from the address above: Valery Vinogradov 4) Harbour of Lauterbach (on Ringen Island): Irmgard and Ingo Kaiser.

One of these witnesses, Valery Vinagradov, states that he was not the only one to witness and document this event and claims that "hundreds of witnesses saw this anomalous event and many photographs were taken during also." He described the objects as being "glowing balls which hung in a strange formation in the sky. The spheres that made up the formation all appeared to rotate and hover, but in a stable and controlled type of fashion." He also stated that "They all acted together with no sudden movements." Later during the sighting, another sphere appeared and travels toward the group only to disappear as it reaches the cluster. It is for this reason that Valery does not believe that these objects were flares of any type.

9) Two terrified women record a huge, silent, triangular or boomerang shaped craft with highly irregular lighting pattern (November 13, 2007):


I drew attention to this particular piece of footage when I posted my special report "Giant Black Triangles: Ours or Theirs?" It was recorded by two women returning from a road trip about 60 miles north of Bakersfield, California in November of 2007. The footage depicts a very slow moving, very large and silent craft with an extremely unusual lighting configuration (non FAA standard for certain). Their reaction to this craft in the video clearly shows that they are highly disturbed, even frightened by this UFO. The video above shows the main sequence of events, but the full 16 minutes of raw footage can be downloaded from this source.

10) Salida, Colorado cigar shaped UFO footage (August 27, 1995):


On Sunday, August 27, 1995, at 9:30 AM Tim Edwards of Salida, Colorado, was a witness to a strange aerial object first observed by his young daughter. He described the initial appearance as a slightly arced pencil size object darting around approximately 20 degrees west of the sun. As he watched it he realized it was unusual so he grabbed his 8 mm videocamera with an 8 power zoom. He also called his restaurant in Salida to alert other possible eyewitnesses. One of these people did see it and would later corroborate his description of the craft. Some minutes later his father arrived at his house and looked at the object through binoculars. Edwards also called a local radio station to alert others to look. Edwards also called the sheriff s office, a fact confirmed by the sheriff on September 7th. The sheriff s office had received no other reports. He also called the National UFO Reporting Hot Line number given to him by the sheriff s office. Between phone calls he filmed the object, managing to obtain only about 6 minutes of video during the roughly 1 hour sighting. According to Edwards, he and his father, using binoculars, could clearly see a double row of square or rectangular red and light green lights moving left to right and then back again. The structure width in between was probably equal to 1/2 - 1 row of the lights. "With binoculars the craft looked like a very large cigar shape and the outside structure appeared to gyroscope around an inner structure." MUFON's Dr. Bruce Maccabee analyzed the footage and wrote an extensive analysis of the sighting in August of 1996 which can be read here.

11) UFO 'mothership' releases dozens of smaller spherical probes, filmed from TWO different vantage points (May 22, 2009):

In this fascinating footage, shot by sky watcher Pedro Hernandez, a larger UFO releases what appear to be smaller intelligently controlled spheres or probes not far from a KLM 747 over Mexico City, Mexico. The video is quite interesting for a number of reasons, namely the fact that there simply cannot be enough internal physical space in the larger craft to hold the number of spheres it's releasing, suggesting that there may be a transdimensional element to this sighting. The larger craft seems to be operating as a 'portal' through which the smaller spheres come pouring out in bursts. Additionally, we have a second video of the same object shot from the opposite direction in different lighting conditions. Although the dialogue is in Spanish, there are english comments embedded in the video and it is quite self explanatory. As the film moves along, you will see the UFO emit a number of orbs. Hernandez is shown in the video, along with host Jamie Maussan. Please note that I am not a big supporter of Jamie Maussan, I think he tends to bite onto any UFO footage without doing enough objective investigation.

12) UFO Fleets over Mexico: Guadalajara, Mexico (June 10, 2004): 


Mexico is no stranger to UFOs and of particular interest are the fleets or flotillas of numerous objects which have been recorded multiple times in multiple locations across a span of several years. The footage from Guadalajara (above) is notable due to it's overall clarity and detail. These objects are not balloons even though, at times, they almost appear to be attached to each other in clusters. These are independently moving, intelligently controlled orbs or spheres. Another fleet of craft similar to this footage was filmed in Mexico a year later on January 28th, 2005. Then in 2007 a cigar shaped craft was filmed releasing smaller spheres also in Mexico. Nearly five years later to the day, on January 27th, 2012 we have yet another fleet of similar craft filmed, this time the footage has been stabilized.

13) Italian astronomer films shadow of UFO on moons surface (April 29, 2007):


During routine observations of the moon, Italian amateur astronomer Alberto Mayer spotted and tracked on video what appears to be the shadow of a spherical object moving across the surface of the moon. We cannot make out the object itself, but we can see evidence of it's presence in the shadow projected on the moons surface. This is an interesting piece of footage due to the fact that it was recorded telescopically by an astronomer. The theory has been presented that the object could be a high altitude balloon within Earth's atmosphere (which even Alberto himself alludes to), but if you look very closely you can see that the shadow ripples and distorts with the surface terrain of the moon as it moves across. Until we have clearer analysis, I still consider this as a genuine UFO sighting.

14) Delbert Newhouse vintage UFO footage near Tremonton, Utah (July 2, 1952):


Here we have some vintage UFO footage which fits our age criteria for authentic historical footage. This video includes the segments of the film relating to Delbert C. Newhouse's UFO footage filmed at 11:00 am, July 2nd, 1952 in the vicinity of Tremonton, Utah. At the time of filming Newhouse was a Chief Photographer, Commissioned Warrant Officer in the U.S. Navy which further adds to the authenticity of the footage and the credibility of the source. Included in this video is a rehearsed but accurate interview with Delbert Newhouse regarding the filming. Also included is a summary of the original conclusions of the Photo Reconnaissance Laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the U.S. Navy Photo Interpretation Center as well as some breakdown analysis of the footage. For further analysis of this footage Kevin Randle over at the UFO Chronicles does a great job of clearing up some inconsistencies in the story.

15) Cooloongup, Western Australia UFO footage (December 16, 2011):


Even though this is a short piece of video without many details to go on, I felt it should be included in the Top 20 because of it's clarity and the lively description of the object by the videographer. The eyewitness, known only as 'Dylan', states: "I had a hard time keeping up with the object. It was moving pretty fast and I was in shock so the footage was a bit shaky. Does anyone know what this could be?" Apparently his girlfriend also saw this craft and the fact that this area of western Australia is a known hotspot for UFO activity factors into the authenticity of this footage.

16) ATV riders in Sweden accidentally capture a UFO with analysis by video expert (February, 2012):


This a great piece of more recent footage for a number of reasons, namely the fact that it was an accidental catch and (after seeing the expert analysis of the footage) very unlikely to be CGI. The eyewitness described the event in his own words, "In February, my cousin was out driving his ATV with his sister when suddenly he saw something strange in the sky. I have no idea what it could be but I want to share it with all of you. The coordinates are: 61.343924,15.050343, It is not the exact coordinates but it is around this place said my cousin. Closest town is Orsa."

The witness reached out to several video experts in the field and was rewarded with an excellent video breakdown which can be seen above. Click here to view the original unedited footage. Furthermore, you can watch an interview with the camera man here.

17) Radio transmission by two F-15 pilots who see a "UFO rock" floating at altitude (January 12, 2007):


Even though this isn't an actual UFO video per se, I feel it is significant due to the fact that this recording is of two fighter pilots which are trained observers. The RAF at Lakenheath actually admitted that this event took place and even released this recording to MUFON personnel tasked with investigating the incident. I cover this in much more depth as well as provide a written transcript of the transmissions in my special report on this incident.

18) Drone/UFO spotted near Hwy 41 in Lemoore, California (September 11, 2009):


This alleged video from California appears to show several smaller UFO/probes circling a larger 'mothership' type of craft in the sky. To the best of my knowledge, very little information is available about the origins or pedigree of this video clip, other than it carried a brief description when it was originally posted that stated the footage was "Captured with a digital camera along highway 41 near Lemoore, CA. September 11th, 2009." The original video was posted on Youtube on September 14th, 2009, but has since apparently been removed and the user's account has apparently been deleted (which can point toward a potential hoaxer).

Youtube user "Luna Cognita" does an excellent analysis job on this piece, and in their own words states; "Because this video footage has no pedigree information whatsoever supporting it, I am certainly in no way, shape, or form vouching for it's authenticity here. All I have done is taken a raw copy of the 16 seconds worth of footage and applied "Image Stabilization/Shake Reduction" and some other rudimentary enhancement techniques to it in an effort to improve the viewability of the scene. In these motion-corrected examples, I elected to use portions of the power/utility pole located in the foreground as the target feature to match and mount each successive frame of raw footage to. Because the utility pole is a known stable object and is visible throughout the duration of the scene, it serves as an excellent target feature to anchor each successive frame to."

You can read more about the analysis that was done on the Youtube video description page. Could this footage be CGI? Yes, it could, but as I said about the UFO crashing in the desert footage, there's something about this footage that oozes realism to me. The fact that it roughly resembles the "CARET" dragonfly UFO/drone and was spotted in an area of California which was, at that time, in the midst of a wave of drone sightings makes it even more interesting. I'm including this footage in the Top 20, however without further details as to the source it remains a tantalizing--yet unproven--piece of footage.

19) Mauricio Ruiz UFO footage from Alvin, Texas (April 11, 2008):


Mauricio Ruiz is a Texas State Corrections Officer who has recorded what appears to be a near crystal clear daylight UFO on multiple occasions. The footage is so clear that our initial thought was that it had to be a hoax, but upon further investigation that notion begins to quickly fade. There are some in the field that still hold true to this being a hoax perpetrated by Mauricio (remember, he's in law enforcement so this would not be good for his career) but after personally speaking with Mr. Ruiz on several occasions I do not believe he is lying about what he's captured on film multiple times. His footage has been analyzed by MUFON Texas, the UFO Chasers television show and (above) and it has been found to be an 'authentic object.' Whether or not it's an RC vehicle or a hoax cleverly constructed from a solar yard light, as suggested by Forgetomori, remains to be seen. Personally, I believe Mr. Ruiz to be genuine, but his footage likely requires further investigation.

20) UFO/probe inspects the Concorde during it's first transatlantic flight (January, 1976):


Last but not least, we have some intriguing footage from 1976 of what appears to be a small white 'probe' of some sort investigating the Concorde SST during her maiden transatlantic flight. This footage is significant due to it's age and the fact that the footage originates from Aérospatiale themselves, adding credence to the authenticity of the footage.

Runners Up...

Low flying orb filmed in Dundee, Scotland, 2009 - This is interesting footage indeed, but not quite enough information for us to make any solid determination from. If anyone has further details regarding this footage, please contact us.

Kent, England security camera footage of strange object, 1998 - This footage has circulated through UFO documentaries over the years and I've always found it to be intriguing, but ultimately inconclusive.

Edinburgh, Scotland footage from 2010 - I personally love this footage because it's so bright and clear, the lens flares from the mult-colored lights are brilliant and strange, but there's just not enough to go on. On a related note: Edinburgh has long been a Top 10 UFO hotspot in the world. If anyone has further details regarding this footage, please contact us.

This wraps up our "Top 20" UFO videos of all time, as ranked by Agent K & Agent D of The Object Report.

Agent K

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Contact Clock

The Contact Clock has begun. We can cart away the doomsday clock to gather dust in the archives warehouse and that old energy system of destruction and nuclear holocaust can be dropped into the dust bin. We humans have crossed a quantum threshold and are now entering into a new era. As many reliable contactees have said over and over contact has been here for many many years - but just not on a global awareness scale. However we are now receiving strong information that suggests events and revelation that will make humanity aware that ETs indeed exist is not decades away but merely years away - perhaps even days.

Agents at the Object Report are initiating the Contact Clock because we are 99.999 percent certain through our years of relentless research that there is no other conclusion to reach other than inevitable contact between humanity and beings from other realms. I say other realms because it is our logical reasoning that once this pandoras box is opened, we will not only begin to make contact with what we would call aliens who exist like we do in physical bodies on planets but we will also likely be exposed to beings that live in other states and most likely will be interacting with what we would call "the dead".

Disclosure does not automatically equal contact and likewise ET awareness does not mean all of humanities problems will go away magically and as Richard Dolan has pointed out in his brilliant book "After Disclosure" - quite a few major problems will likely kick off once we have solid proof ETs exist and have been around for a long, long time. Although we can rule out nuclear holocaust we still cannot rule out the possibility of singular atomic detonations. The Object Report agents have initiated the Contact Clock at the same historical hour hand position of the original atomic midnight clock and the next movement of the Contact Clock hand closer toward midnight, or contact, will be an event that reveals to everyone on this planet ETs exist. This event will either force disclosure or make disclosure by the Government irrelevant simply by the sheer shock and scale of the event, i.e... you won't need the Government to tell you what you are seeing before your very eyes.

We predict that after disclosure, A.D., after we know beyond a shadow of a doubt UFOs and ETs exist - the mainstream media and other carpetbaggers will rise to the surface, claiming to have believed in UFOs and ETs all along and will attempt to promote their authority on the subject. During these last days of humanities dark age, and I literally mean last days, we might only have a few moments left in this calm before the storm to give credit to those who had the courage to speak their minds and tell it like it is during a time when it was not only unpopular to speak about UFOs and abductions but literally hazardous to one's health.

- Agent D

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Petronas Twin Towers UFO Is A Fake

Agent D and Agent K have been directed to a freshly posted Youtube video of the Petronas Twin Towers UFO drone and it is now looking likely that this Malaysian sighting is an elaborate hoax targeted specifically at The Object Report and Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country website.

A genuine sighting or an elaborate hoax is always an opportunity to learn a bit more about how UFO sightings are evolving and how to deal with both sides of the coin. Like it or not, these hoaxers are only going to get better and better and we all know were going to see a lot more quadcopter drones with LED lights popping up as well and of course the old tried and tested favorite - CGI manipulated video made to look like footage from a cellphone. The short version of this hoax story is that the final Youtube video rather speaks for itself and this is where the Petronas Twin Towers hoaxer went one step too far because his CGI effects are rather clumsy and contain all the hallmarks of a video hoax - but even further still the video ties together seamlessly with the photos he submitted in a tidy triangulated package with a nice purdy ribbon and a note practically spelling out "hoax". Agent K and I did have suspicions of the initial pictures and we were in a continuing investigation, deciphering some of the red flags that had popped up and we will share our final investigation with you in this blog if you care to follow along. Again, to lean on the safe side we will not disclose any full names, but will post most of the emails incoming and outgoing related to this case. We will post everything in chronological order starting here with our first email received and moving down toward the bottom of this blog - ending with our conclusions.


My name is Exxxxx Chong from Malaysia, earlier today around 1230 noon Malaysia time i was around the Petronas Twin Towers area with my family in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My young son Jxxxxx pointed to the sky and said he sees a hot air balloon. I looked up and saw an object in the sky about the size of a large hot air ballon slowly spinning above and to the side of the Petronas Twin Towers. I thought it was a hot air balloon too as it was totally silent. I took a photo and suddenly about 30 seconds later the object shot upwards at an incredible speed and disappeared into the clouds. There was no sound except for an air burst. I have never seen anything like that before. I did a Google search for UFO sites and your website was listed. I see that there is a lot of info on your site about UFO’s so maybe you can shed some light on this photo that i am attaching. Sorry for the quality of the picture as my camera phone is an old model. I would also like to know if there is any connection between UFO and the disappearance of flight MH370 as mentioned by CNN. There were other people in the area and i hope they will also make their pictures public. Thank you for any insight you can share.

First attachment, CLICK
to see original size

Upon receiving the first email Agent K and I posted this email from Chong to Google Plus and to The Object Report taking readers to Google Plus. We also noticed this had been submitted and posted to Whitley Strieber's Out There section, so this seemed to be a normal sighting. We did a simple file analysis that indicated it did not have the recompression artifacts often associated with a Photoshop placed image and the pixel ratio matched the screen from an older model cellphone. The metadata inside the JPG file was very basic and this was red flag number one, but lack of data doesn't necessarily equal a hoax.


Hi Object Report, 
I saw the post on your website and i was there around 1230 noon on Saturday. I initially thought the object was some kind of hot air balloon. But the object shot up with a small boom shockwave sound. UFO sightings used to be rare in Malaysia but from my internet search it seems its getting more frequent. Do you have any ideas why ?

Second attachment, CLICK
to see original size

After receiving the second photograph of the Twin Towers drone, we decided to make these two pics the headline on The Object Report. We likewise pulled the two original pics into Photoshop and re-sized the images to compare the UFO side by side at the same size and placed our watermark on the image. We posted the pictures along with the original Chong photograph to our Blogger site with a write up of everything we had received to date from the witnesses. To test that there was indeed someone behind the emails we sent off this email to both eye witnesses to see their response:


I'm posting your UFO image and only half of your name to our website since this is an extraordinary event. Using half of your name gives you image control credit and yet protects your privacy. I'm doing a long write up of the two sightings right now, feel free to read over this and correct anything you feel might now be presented right, via this email. In terms of what it could be, I think everything I can think of will be put on the Blog. Would you like the email of the other eye witness so you can contact her directly? I will only put you two in touch if you both agree to do so.

Thanks again,
Agent D

A red flag presented itself in the lack of response from either Chong or Zainal and at this point Agent D began checking more into the Google profies of both Chong and Zainal and they were suspiciously empty of any content or "about" information - no photos or comments. It appeared to be a shell account.

After the second Zainal photo we began receiving emails from Object Report readers asking about the meta data and a reader named Chris pointed out we did not post the original Zanail file and this subsequently was uploaded to Blogger as we received it.

The second red flag kept our suspicion active and the case folder open - the lack of EXIF data in the Zainal picture. Agent K and I had a lengthy discussion that the lack of EXIF data pointed directly to an exported CGI image or it could reinforce the notion that residents in Malaysia were using older cellphones which did not embed the meta data we would normally expect. The EXIF data in the file looked legit enough, there was just very little of it. Again, lack of information doesn't necessarily equate to a hoax.

At this point Agent K and Agent D agreed that a second follow up email requesting the make of the camera would be the best option to get to the bottom of the EXIF data. If we could get a response from either eye witness supposedly living in or about Malaysia we could check into that camera model and what sort of EXIF or meta data one could expect to see in a JPG image file from the cellphone camera. Here is the email sent out to both Chong and Zainal:



Thank you for all of your information so far, we've gotten quite a bit of feedback from viewers on your photo. One last question for you, would you mind telling me the exact model phone you took the photo with? Manufacturer and model number would be very helpful.

Thank you,
Agent K

At this point we had, and have not received a response to the above email requesting the make and model of the cellular phones used to take the Twin Towers UFO pictures. (We don't expect we will receive a response). This email of course would answer all of the growing questions building at this point once and for all. 

Today on May 24 we received a submission via the contact us box of our Special Report Blog:


Hi, I was searching about this on Youtube, and I found this. The video looks strikingly similar with the photos on your blog regarding the UFOs around Petronas Twin Tower, with a different angle. The only thing confusing is video description. Thought you might be interested.


The YouTube video matches the earlier photos received from Chong and Zainal in terms of the object, the Petronas Twin Towers and the cloud layer and position of the sun. What is also evident is that this video is likely a CGI manipulated video - a fake. Again, consistent with the shell accounts of the Gmail emails, this Youtube user and account has no history, no other videos, a few hits and nothing else. It appears to have been recently created solely to upload the third installment of the Twin Towers saga. I like the little POOOF ring as the drone takes off because it makes it oh so obvious it's the work of a young 3D artist eager to add as much sauce to his dish as possible.

Perhaps drones go POOF, who knows - but unless this guy has a tragic nervous system disorder I simply do not get filming the ground before the video and then tenaciously getting back to filming the ground after the drone has departed. It looks like a deliberate attempt to be authentic and casual. We are uncertain if this Wong You Tube account is legit and simply someone unwittingly re-posting the video - but the account is likely bogus. We suspect the You Tube link might conveniently disappear soon, however we have made screen grabs and have cached the original You Tube page as evidence if it does vanish.

Here is a line up of the suspicious characters leading to our conclusion of fakery: 

  • Lack of EXIF data in the Chong JPG file
  • Gamma, tone and grain of both photos looked identical - as if taken from same camera but simply re-sized to look like different users
  • No response to first email from Agent D
  • Google Plus accounts of both Chong and Zainal lacking any real content and history
  • No additional eyewitnesses coming forward 
  • No reply to email request for cellphone make and model
  • Youtube UFO video looks ridiculous
  • Video indicates incredibly short duration of actual visibility - not enough time for children to point  and make balloon comments and others to look overhead and calmly snap off cell phone pictures. 
  • Youtube account has no user history or information
  • Redundant names, Simon and Edison, used over and over in emails sent to us and found on the Youtube page by supposed commenters

We will now be closing the file on this case and officially declare the Petronas Twin Towers UFO to be an elaborate hoax that someone went to great lengths to set in motion. The supposed eyewitnesses are welcome to come forward with additional personal information and evidence to support their initial claim and prove they are real people, however at this point in time I doubt we will hear from either again and we will certainly update Object Report readers if something else pops up that makes us re open the case file.

Agent D

PLEASE NOTE that this particular blog entry will be deleted soon as we want to deprive the hoaxer of any credit or presence. We are keeping this post up long enough for viewers to be informed of the correction from a possible sighting to a confirmed hoax. - TheObjectReport

Monday, May 12, 2014

Agent K: Personal UFO Sightings

Sighting #1 - Blairstown, New Jersey - June of 1983


Steel camping plate
I was 8 years old living in New Jersey on our family property, it was 1983. My parents owned about 40 acres of farmland in northwestern New Jersey which included a corn field and some grazing land for the cows. I come from an "outdoorsy" family so all of us were (and are) very familiar with camping and everything that comes with it. That said, my first UFO experience was very odd in the sense that the craft almost exactly resembled our stainless steel camping plates. That might seem odd, but when you see what these plates look like it makes much more sense.

At that age I tended to be quite independent and became quite familiar with our property. On this particular day I was out running through the maze of corn field to the west side of our property, at this time of the summer the corn stalks were well above my head and I would spend hours running through them like some sort of outtake from the movie "Signs." I was a weird kid.

On this particular day I exited the corn field and entered a clearing that was furthest from the house, it was mid afternoon with a cloudless crystal clear blue sky, not a cloud to be seen. Upon entering this clearing I remember seeing a glint in the sky and my attention being drawn to this saucer shaped object maybe a thousand feet from my position.

The top of the craft looked exactly like this. This is an illustrative representation of the sighting.
My first thought was 'my mom is teasing me and throwing one of our camping plates into the sky from behind where I'm standing.' So I scanned the terrain around me--but my mother wasn't present. I looked back to the camping plate in the sky above me and there it was, hovering exactly where I left it.

It appeared to be just beyond the treeline behind the corn,
field - I would estimate it's size at 35-40' in diameter.
 My sighting lasted maybe a minute which is a lifetime when it comes to UFO sightings. Even at age 8 I realized that whatever I was seeing wasn't normal and I needed to pay attention to everything I was witnessing. So I did. The UFO hovered in front of me and I was able to discern the details of it clearly. It wasn't perfectly motionless, there was a nearly imperceptible wobble to it. I couldn't tell if it was rotating on it's axis since there were no markings, no windows, no portals and no discernible surface texture, but it definitely wasn't completely motionless. The craft had a very slight convex shape to the bottom and it was quite shiny, almost like a polished reflective hubcab. 

There was absolutely no sound being generated by this object and no visible light or illumination. It was very simply a solid metallic object hovering in the sky--a classic UFO in every sense of the term. As I was observing the craft it began to move very, very slowly to my left. I did one more quick glance around me and when I looked back, my camping plate friend in the sky was gone. POOF.  Just gone. It either cloaked or took off, either way I could no longer see it.

I ran back to the house and told my mom about what I saw and she seemed genuinely interested in my experience and asked me more details about it, which was helpful in solidifying my memory of the event. She was a teacher so it was automatic for her to probe me with detailed questions. It wouldn't be until many years later that I would discover both of my parents had multiple UFO sightings of her own.

Sighting #2 - Sugarloaf Key, Florida - July of 1995


During the time I lived in Florida my older brother and I would make our annual pilgrimage/camping trip to the KOA campground on Sugarloaf Key. At the time we had a Zodiac boat that we would trailer down with us and use to go snorkeling and explore some of the surrounding uninhabited islands in the central Keys. Typically, Florida weather can be unpredictable in the dead of summer and we would usually expect afternoon storms, but on this particular trip we had unusually cool weather and crystal clear skies for July so we planned to take advantage of that.

The KOA Campground on Sugarloaf Key, Florida.

After dinner we took a quick nap and awoke around 3 am to do some skywatching since the entire campsite was pitch black and everyone else was asleep. There was no ambient light and you could literally see the Milky Way stretch from horizon to horizon, our depth of field was astonishing and I felt like I could reach out and pluck individual stars out of the sky. We set up our lounge chairs on the beach and laid them back nearly perpendicular to the sand so we were looking directly upward, each of us with a trusty bottle of Corona within reach.

It wasn't long before we saw our first meteor...then a second within 15 minutes. Once our eyes had fully adjusted to the dark we could start to pick out satellites cruising past, they were extremely faint pinpricks of light that would cruise over at about 3x the speed of a commercial aircraft. I was even able to determine which ones were spinning because they would pulse with reflected light at a regularly timed interval. After seeing half a dozen of these over the span of an hour it was easy to figure out their paths and you could almost anticipate where the next one would come from (this was long before smartphones and satellite tracking apps).

Around 3:30 am we both locked eyes on what we thought was another satellite heading from north to south and I pointed it out to my brother. "There's another one, it's not pulsating though, it's just a dull glow." He spotted it too and we both visually tracked it. Within a few seconds the object literally made a 90 degree turn to the west. There was no deceleration, no bank to the turn, it was an absolute 90 degree turn like a racquet ball bouncing off a 45 degree banked wall. My brother grabbed my arm and squeezed tightly, "DID YOU SEE THAT??!!?"  

"YES--I DID. That just made a 90 degree turn... that's not possible."

As we were tracking it toward the west it made a DEAD STOP in it's tracks and hovered in place for a few seconds before heading BACK in the direction it came from--due east now. When it returned to what seemed to be it's original north-south track it made another 90 degree turn to the south to resume it's original course. This all happened over the course of maybe 30 seconds.

Needless to say, we were both astonished. Satellites do not make abrupt turns like that, stop in place, and then reverse direction, it's literally impossible. We knew what we had just seen was an intelligently controlled craft of some type, definitely not a typical satellite.

Sighting #3 - Carbondale, Illinois - October of 1998



This sighting was actually by my future wife while she was temporarily living in southern Illinois. At this time we had been together for about two and a half years. I was living in a different state at the time so her experience was relayed to me over the phone within an hour of the experience while the details were fresh in her mind.


Date: October 16th, 1998
Location: Between Murphysboro & Carbondale, Illinois on Route 13
Time: Approx. 9:55pm
Original NUFORC sighting report


What follows is her description of the sighting:

"So there I was staring out the window of the car I was riding in. I was in the back seat, (name withheld) was driving and (name withheld) was sitting next to me, but she was looking out the other window. We were on our way back home when I saw this glowing green sphere hovering just above the treeline as we were driving through this area. This object remained in place the entire time I observed it and it never wavered from it's position until I said to my friends "Hey, take a look at this..."  In that moment it took off like it was fired out of a slingshot. It sort of had a very shallow arc to it, like it was following the curvature of the earth."

I asked her some followup questions as well: The green was "neon" in color but not spectacularly bright, more of a solid but diffuse glow. It never blinked or moved erratically and, most importantly,  there was no tail to it like a meteor or bolide would have. Her overall impression was "oh, I guess I just saw a UFO." To this day she's still quite nonchalant about it, but since she's a scientist and a great eyewitness I wanted to include it in this article.

Sighting #4 - Houston, Texas - September of 2009


So there we sat in my car, my wife and I, in a Sonic drive-in parking lot. We were on our way out for a shopping trip in Houston where we lived at the time and we were picking up some on-the-go breakfast. We had placed our order and we were chatting with each other while waiting when my wife noticed what looked to be a black object on the glass of her window (passenger side) so she put it down. Oddly enough, the object was not something on the window but was actually hovering in the sky less than a quarter mile from our position. We had low gray cloud cover that day threatening to rain with about a good 15 mph wind pushing the low cloud cover through the area at a steady rate which made this even more odd considering the fact that this black spherical object was maintaining a perfectly stationary position in the sky.

The Google streetview image for this location just happened to have the exact same weather as the day of our sighting.
This is an illustrative representation of my sighting.
"What is that? Do you think it's a balloon from a car dealership?" said my wife, observing the object intently. "Could be--it would have to be the Jeep dealership based upon our location, so we should check it out once we leave here." I replied.

It was matte black and spherical without any reflective lighting. Based upon it's distance from us I estimate it was roughly the size of a refrigerator, maybe even a very small car. The fact that the clouds moved in on this object and obscured it and then revealed it again in the exact same position alerted us to the fact that this wasn't something normal, it wasn't a car dealership balloon tethered to the ground because it would still move side to side or be pulled in one direction by the wind.

This was an object that was stationary in the sky during a time when the winds were high, and we both made that realization at the same time. My wife said "It hasn't moved and we've been here this entire time, what the hell is that?" She's a Scientist so she doesn't question something like this unless she's entirely convinced it's something that can't be easily explained away. The clouds again obscured it as we were getting our food order and by the time I put the car in reverse my wife said "it's gone, I can't see it now." I scanned the sky as we left the parking lot and found nothing. We immediately drove to the general ground location of where this object would have been, which was about two blocks away. There was nothing there that could have accounted for this object.

So I took it a step further and looked into "black balloon" rentals within the area -- I knew people in the local commercial advertising market in the area -- and I found nothing. In fact, several of the advertisers I made contact with stated that "black doesn't sell" when it comes to things like this, and these are businesses that have utilized inflatable advertisements in the past such as tethered balloons and remote controlled blimps. As we all know, inflatable purple gorillas drive sales, black balloons do not.

So there you have it, my personal UFO sightings in as much detail as possible.

Agent K

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hybrids Rising

There is an event on the horizon and beyond a doubt it involves those we refer to as the "Hybrids". This event is contact and I don't believe we need to push the notion that contact is imminent upon any of our readers - deep down we all know its coming and in fact in many respects is already here, has already begun.

In addition to the Hybrids Project Blog, there is a new web portal coming online, offering a massive amount of information - Hybrids Rising. This extensive site offers up more information on the subject in one place than any other website I can think of and in conjunction with The Object Report and The Hybrids Project Blog, Hybrids Rising forms a triad of portals. So, let me introduce you to the Hybrids Rising team and a brief outline of this great undertaking in their own words.

- Agent D

Welcome to Hybrids Rising - an educational website earnestly focusing on the Contact Phenomenon from the perspective of truth, compassion and decades of research. The name of this site was formed from the crux of the Contact Phenomenon: The creation of a new Human Hybrid Race of beings. There is an ever prevalent unique community evolving around us.

It is our hope the information contained on this site will help others understand, and therefore cope with, Extraterrestrial Contact with Advanced Intelligences which is certainly bound to continue.

What you will read on Hybrids Rising is not from any one individual, but from credible researchers and sources that have been directly experiencing and studying the Contact Phenomenon for many decades.

The Hybrids Rising Team will attempt to educate people who are in need of help in understanding what may be occurring in their own lives as well as those who are ready to begin to consider the possibility that we are being visited by Advanced Intelligences from other worlds and other realms. On Hybrids Rising we endeavour to explore the following subjects:

A Slice of Time: How Humanity Ended up on the Wrong Side of Reality, a historical, fact based, fully referenced timeline relating to UFO events and the Contact Phenomenon worldwide; The Secret History of the UFO Phenomenon Timeline: 4780 BC to the National Security Act of 1947; MKULTRA, MJ12, to present day FISA and PRISM and the dauntless efforts of the Disclosure Community. Who is in control? Speak out while you still can.

Where do these beings come from? A Rose by Any Other Name explores The Betty Hill Star Map that the Fish, Atterberg, Koch-Kyborg, Danjo, and the Pearse-Hill maps are based upon; and star systems encompassing the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Ursa Major, Pegasus, Gliese 581, Kepler 22 and the recent announcement of the Earth-like planet Kepler 186f.

Hybrids Rising’s Möbius Order of Beings explores The Mantis-Insectoids, Tall Blacks, Greys, Brown Dwarfs, Wrinkled Humanoids, Hybrids and The New Race; The Blues, Tall Whites, Blond-Nordics, Reptilians, Dracos and Amphibians.

Mantis & Insectoid alien abduction accounts from private and published cases are explored. These include, but are not limited to UFO*BC, David Huggins, Simon Parkes, Danion Kell and from researchers such as Dan Wright, John Carpenter, Kathleen Marden, Denise Stoner, AJ, Dr. David Jacobs and Dr. Richard Boylan.

Our article entitled The Tall Blacks explores whether Tall Blacks are a Hybrid Species, and the fact that Africans and people of African descent DO get abducted despite what mainstream thought is concerning Contact. Case reports include information from Norman Bergrun, Danion Kell, Terrell Copeland, EJM, Kelly Cahill, AJ, and Nigel Kern; and advanced medical devices, telepathic “directives,” and other activities involving these beings.

The Greys’ unique qualities and shared consciousness abilities are explored, as well as their reproductive focus, physical commonalities and differences; Greys’ craft and cases such as Betty Andreasson, Betty and Barney Hill, AJ and the fantastic art from Object Report are included. We look at what the Greys are doing and why we believe they have been here for a very long time.

The misunderstood Brown Dwarfs, sometimes referred to as the chubby ETs, are involved in alien abductions much more than people realize. We look at the medical procedures they perform and their search for specific types of Human DNA.

Wrinkled Humanoids, Old Ones and ETs with “Elephant” skin: Are they Hybrids or do these reports represent varied and individual beings? Case reports include those from Albert Rosales, Charles Hickson, Dan Wright, Kesara Dennett and others.

The Hybrids and The New Race of Children explores the ET Human Hybrid Programme, transgenic engineering, transgenic Humans, “alien sex,” Hybrids’ life spans and if one day these beings might reveal themselves overtly to humanity.

Surveying The Blues includes looking at the history of The Anasazi, the Blue Star Kachina; Andromedans, Blue Hybrids, Blue Aliens, Blue Reptilians, and Blue Aquatic Beings. We also look at Indigo Children and Evolutionary Behaviour and ponder why ETs with brown skin are called Blues.

Could some reports of The Tall Whites actually be of Pleiadians or Blond Nordics? This document reviews Col. Shaw’s and Charles Hall’s contact with these Extraterrestrials as well as more recent Abductee-Experiencers’ contact with Tall White ETs.

Blond Nordics can shape-shift and exist in a state of dual or shared consciousness. Blonds are teaching Humans about their own dualistic qualities. We discuss Blond Nordics who clone and Human perception: Are these beings really Blonds or are they Hybrids? Could some of them actually be Reptilians?

ETs known as Reptilians and Dracos have a great interest in Human DNA and our Human past reveals their presence dating back thousands of years. Are they related to, or have a symbiotic relationship with, Amphibian beings?

Hybrids Rising also explores other researcher’s and Abductee-Experiencers’ insights regarding The Programme of Contact on Earth as well as ET Technology. Join us at Hybrids Rising for an educational platform from which people can learn, grow and continue to educate others about Human Consciousness and the Contact Phenomenon which is inspiring it to expand.

- The Hybrids Rising Team

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Audio Recording of F-15 Pilots Investigating a "Rock Like" UFO

I realize this has been on the web for a few years now but I just recently stumbled upon this transmission recording on Youtube and it thoroughly blew me away.

According to FOIA documents that were released about this incident on January 12th, 2007 two F-15 Eagles were requested by LATCC (Lakenheath Air Traffic Control Center) to investigate a radar target. As you might remember, this is the same RAF base which was at the center of the infamous Lakenheath-Bentwaters incident. Inquiries to the LATCC staff were made regarding the incident, but there was no final determination given as to what the result of the intercept was. Apparently, a HAM radio operator of unknown origin recorded a very clear conversation between the two pilots discussing what they were seeing.

Some important points to make note of which I believe make this a very important encounter:
  1. The object was picked up visually AND on radar by both pilots.
  2. The object increases altitude by 700 feet over the course of several minutes and this is verified by one of the pilots. This pilot clearly states that it is "not falling"
  3. The object ranges in speed from 30 to 80 knots with one pilot verifying a speed between 30 and 60 knots with the other pilot recording a peak velocity of 80 knots.
  4. The object was described as being between the size of a "grapefruit and a soccer ball"
  5. Both pilots managed to target the object with radar and then guns to confirm a positive 'lock' on the target, meaning IF they had permission to engage the target they would have hit whatever it was.
This is a great recording for a number of reasons, namely the fact that these are military pilots who are trained observers and not prone to seeing something that isn't there. We have verifiable radar hits on a seemingly small object (but not small enough to not be picked up by radar) as well as multiple visual locks with no explanation from the pilots as to what it could be. 

A transcript of the conversation is posted below this video. PLEASE NOTE that the actual video has nothing to do with the incident, it is simply there for aesthetics. The Object Report claims no ownership of any of these videos.

Transcript Of Transmissions:

Aircraft 1 Pilot ...alright dude no kidding. I just flew over I have a bulls-eye at zero zero eight for twenty -BREAK- I had a radar hit -BREAK- and I ahh, it was swinging looked like thirty knots err there was something there it looks like a uhh it didn't look like a bird it looked like no kiddin' a rock to me I -BREAK- kid you negative -BREAK- I have no idea what it was but uhh basically just -BREAK- heads up try to stay away from seventeen thousand keep your nugget on swivel I have no idea what it was -BREAK- I'm gonna' use my radar to see if I can pick this object up again -BREAK- I've picked it up twice the first time I picked it up my radar broke lock so I thought it was just uhh some kind of bad lock or potential chaff -BREAK- I'm gonna' turn back towards the ahh north for a little bit -BREAK-

Aircraft 2- Two will pick up trail -BREAK-

Aircraft 1 Pilot- Thanks I'm gonna uhh -BREAK- start coming back towards the uhh west (faint) I think it was zero zero four for about twenty -BREAK- I've got it again it's at seventeen seven -BREAK- three miles off my nose at sev..yeah seventeen seven I'm flying that way now. I'm gonna' slow down -BREAK- I'm not gonna get below three hundred knots but uhh -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot ...right towards you. Dude I can't tell, something small

Aircraft 1 Pilot- very small black object I had it at seventeen seven -BREAK- He just flew right it just flew right over me -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot- Confirm the object appears stationary?

Aircraft 1 Pilot- Well I, I couldn't tell cause it was -GARBLED-

Aircraft 1-WSO (faint) Think it was moving about thirty.

Aircraft 2 Pilot- Nearer eighty knots -BREAK-

Aircraft 1 Pilot- Yeah my radar showed between thirty and sixty so I have no idea what it's -BREAK- actually doing -BREAK- but it went from seventeen the first time I saw it to seventeen seven so it's not falling -BREAK- I don't think it was a bird -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot -UNINTELLIGIBLE-

Aircraft 1 Pilot- What's that?

Aircraft 2 Pilot- Were you taking a manual lock or was it an auto guns lock? -BREAK-

Aircraft 1 Pilot -TONE- I'm getting' him on auto guns every time -BREAK- Putting in a bulls eye zero zero nine for fifteen -BREAK- Still at basically no airspeed on it -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot- Two is clean

Aircraft 1 Pilot -Say again -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot- Two's clean -BREAK- Two's locked! Bulls-eye at zero one two fifteen, eighteen thousand.

Aircraft 1 Pilot- alright I'm gonna' uhh -BREAK- climb up slightly here. I wanna try and look at it then you follow in behind me if you can. -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot- I'm at fourteen thousand.

Aircraft 1 Pilot- (Dual Transmission) UNINTELLIGIBLE. BREAK- Dude I have no idea what that is -BREAK- But he's passed over me. -BREAK- Now I've got it uhh seventeen thousand feet eight miles off my nose -BREAK- Bulls-eye zero four nine for twenty -BREAK- Seventeen thousand I'm gonna' get down to sixteen five -BREAK- Uh two point five miles off my nose right now -BREAK- seventeen thousand feet -BREAK- Yeah I'm not gonna be able to slow down as much as you are maybe you can slow down a little bit more, get a better look -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot- (bass tone) UNINTELLIGIBLE -BREAK-

Aircraft 1 Pilot- UNINTELLIGIBLE outmaneuver him -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot- Copy confirm you've merged weapons (?) -BREAK-

Aircraft 1 Pilot- I am about to merge right now. I'm seeing him -BREAK- Underneath me now -BREAK- And I'm gonna' get my airspeed back before I maneuver -BREAK- Are you locked or clean? -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot- I'm no joy approaching line abreast with you two thousand feet high eighteen five -BREAK-

Aircraft 1 Pilot- Copy that I'm gonna UNINTELLIGIBLE right hand turn -BREAK- You, you said you're at eighteen? -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot- Yeah contact I'm at eighteen five now you're six o'clock for about three miles TONE -BREAK-

Aircraft 1 Pilot- Copy that -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot- If we are well clear I will descend at this time -BREAK- Fox are we clear of this target? -BREAK-

Aircraft 1 Pilot- I uhh -BREAK- I'm not sure. Again it stays between seventeen and eighteen so -BREAK- I, I believe I'm in the vicinity of it I'm not uhh a hundred percent positive -BREAK- UNINTELLIGIBLE -BREAK- I have visual now -BREAK- I'm gonna fly underneath you -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot- Copy I saw it that time and I cannot make out what it was -BREAK-

Aircraft 1 Pilot -TONE you didn't see it? -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot- Confirmed

Aircraft 1 Pilot- Alright I'm gonna circle back around -BREAK- TONE Hopefully we'll be able to see it through the HUD.

Aircraft 2 Pilot -We've got somebody else out here with it -BREAK-

Aircraft 1 Pilot- Yeah I see him -BREAK- Dude did you see anything? -BREAK-

Aircraft 2 Pilot- Negative



One of the first points that people say about this is that these are American fighter pilots flying out of an RAF base so this can't be correct. Yes, there are indeed F-15's and US pilots operating out of Lakenheath-Bentwaters and there have been rotating squadrons from various countries visiting the base over the years. The callsign of one of the pilots was revealed to be "Gator" which is clearly not indicative of a UK pilot. LATCC admitted that the aircraft were scrambled and even pointed several researchers toward this recording according to the FOIA letter. 

Agent K